Hello friends and those who I hope will become friends!

I am starting this blog to talk about weight loss, fitness, and fashion; not necessarily in that order.

A little about me. My name is Janet Earling-Bencivenni, I am a 53 year old SAHGma or “Glamma”. I am Oma to 5 (soon to be) 6 beautiful grand littles! Currently 4 girls and 1 boy. The new baby, coming in April, is said to be a girl. I always “believe it when it’s here”. I spent many years in health care and have seen those sonograms be wrong more than once, lol!

I like to think of myself as a southern belle. I am from Jacksonville, Fl and transplanted to Baltimore, MD in 1995 with my husband, 3 kids, 9 birds, a cat, a turtle, and a hamster! We must’ve been quite a sight heading up I-95!

When I arrived in Baltimore, that fall day in 1995, I was at my goal weight of 120lbs. I had lost 32 lbs over the past year with weight watchers. I maintained that for a few years, but then life happened. I went back to work, quit going to my WW meetings (they are a lifeline for me) because they didn’t work with my schedule, and over time I let myself go back to old habits. Those 32 lbs came back and brought a few friends-How dare they, I didn’t invite them! I didn’t want them, and here and there I made some half hearted attempts to lose them.

Once in 2004 I was almost back to my goal weight and the WW meeting that worked with my schedule was cancelled. The only other one that kinda worked for me was only possible to make if my boss didn’t realize I had somewhere to go after work. If he remembered, he would always find a way for us to leave the office late. I thought “well I’ve I made it this far, I can do this”. Wrong!

In 2011, at 49, I “retired” to babysit, my second grand little, my new grandson! My oldest granddaughter lives with her mother in upstate NY. He was such a joy and I thoroughly embraced my new role! In 2013 his sister joined us.

In 2014 I was extremely overweight (actually obese). I was 50 years old and while I was still healthy I knew I was heading down that slippery slope of joining the throngs of people with weight related health problems. So on March 8, 2014 I took the “walk of shame” back through the doors of WW weighing in a whopping 179.4 on my 4’11” frame! I joined a gym and started practicing yoga, hired a personal trainer, and I reset my goal weight from 120 to 128 because I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to that lower weight or even if I would be able to achieve it. Well, I did and over the next few days/weeks I’m going to tell you all about that journey and my quest to find myself!

If you’ve made it this far; thank you for reading through and welcome again!

Until the next time.






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