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Saturday mornings @ 7am you can find me at the weekly meeting of what I’ve dubbed the “Saturday 7am Social Club”. That’s my WW (weight watchers) meeting. For the past almost three years that I’ve been back, I’ve only missed a handful of meetings, and those I’ve either been running a race or on vacation. This is my “me time” and I refuse to give it up! I’ve also changed my sessions with my trainer, Jeff, to Saturday mornings at 8:00 so I leave the meeting and head straight to the gym. I have built myself a good three hours of me time. And let me tell you, after five days with three of the grand littles all day, I need it! Lol!!

During my weight loss phase it was important to be there to keep moving forward. Now that I’ve been back to goal and maintaining for the past two years it’s important to stay focused. I also recharge and re commit for the week ahead.

For me the weight loss phase of my journey was fairly easy. I think, in part, because my mindset was “if I’m going to pay you my hard earned money for this program, I’m going to work/do this program”. This helped me get to goal. My set goal weight is 128 lbs. I raised that from my original goal of 120 lbs, in less than a year I reached that 128 goal, but wanted to see if I could get back to the 120 goal. A few months later I did, then I kept going to where I am now. I range between 108-112.

Now that I’m at goal and maintaining I don’t have to pay more; as long as I weigh in once per month and I’m no more than two pounds above my goal weight. By being below that goal I’ve built in a little cushion, which I may need in the coming months. Why? Well, I’ve started power lifting with my trainer. So by lifting heavy weights I’m going beyond just toning to increasing muscle mass. That will add some weight back, but I’m also inches going. The goal now is to balance the difference and NOT to have to pay.

If you are on your own weight loss journey, stay the course. It doesn’t matter what plan or method you are using, find what is right for you and stick with it.

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