Stress Eating

Have you ever heard that line “stress increases cortisol, cortisol increases belly fat”

Do you stress eat? Today I was sooooo there, right on the verge.

This is not what I was hoping or planning to write about today, but life took over todays post.

The day started with a situation, not of my making, making me crazy. Then I started trying to work on a couple of business endeavors I’m trying to launch in conjunction with getting this blog like I want it. I’m not sure what possessed me to think I could work on this during the day with the grand littles around….Really, I know better. But I realized I should’ve tried to something different with my Facebook page, and tried to fix/change it. That didn’t turn out like I had hoped either. Go figure. Heck Facebook can make you bonkers on a good day; who tries to conquer it with littles under foot? No one in their right mind!  I think it’s going to drive me to drink, lol!

Mid day, after eating lunch, I found myself wanting to rummage for all things chocolate or sweet. I was not hungry. I had eaten a good lunch, I should have been satisfied, but if I had found something I really wanted I would have downed it all.

As I was trying to find something to satisfy me, but not send me spiraling out of control, that commercial jingle for some sort of weight loss pills was running through my mind. “Stress increases cortisol, cortisol increases belly fat”. The the term “sugar belly”came to mind. It got me thinking (scary I know).

Now this is just my opinion and observation and not medical advise; though maybe there is a study that I haven’t found. But my thought was: stress can cause us to eat without abandon (if/when we let it) and I could do that with a blink of an eye right now. when I’m in that place I want chocolate, sweets, and such. I would venture to guess many of you do too. So maybe that’s the connection between stress, sweets, cortisol and sugar belly. This may be more complex than we know.

I made it through, calmed myself at least enough that I was able to not tear the house apart for some acceptable candy. There is actually candy here, but it wasn’t what I like and although I am an admitted chocoholic I don’t/won’t eat just any chocolate. I am very discerning over my chocolate. I guess that can be a saving grace.

Do y’all have any things or ideas you’d like me to discuss or talk about? If so leave a comment. I can ramble forever, but I want to talk about things that interest you too.

Please feel free to share the blog page and Facebook page with your friends. I’d love to have more readers and followers. The more the merrier!

In the coming weeks I’m going to have a business venture I’m working on to share with you. I will try not to jump the gun on it, as I may have done with this blog. I was just so excited to have got it started! I’m hoping to get some more things figured out here soon too. Maybe I can lock myself away for a week or two, LOLOL! Do you think “The Man” would go for that?

Until the next time



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2 thoughts on “Stress Eating”

  1. I have been consciously working to reduce stress and not eat my emotions. I’ve been more successful than in the past, but my ” big old belly” won’t leave. I love chocolate and my problem is not stress eating it, but portion control. If I eat one, then I want more. Good luck on your business ventures.

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