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If you’ve ever wondered if hiring a personal trainer is worth it; the answer is YES

Last week I said I would introduce you to my personal trainer. So meet Jeffrey Woods of Lionheart Strength & Conditioning

We can’t let him know I look forward to my sessions with him, though. I don’t think he’d know what to think if I didn’t give him a hard time….I’ve been working out with him for more than two years now and I don’t think I’ve ever not given him a hard time.

He’s technically my fourth trainer, but the third one I’ve worked with (guess third times a charm, lol). When I joined Golds Gym, after restarting WW, I had a free personal training session. I decided I could definitely benefit from it and signed up for a session every other week for a year. About 6 months in the trainer I started with left (he was awesome) and went to another gym. Since I was in a contract and the other gym was A LOT more expensive, I couldn’t justify following him. I missed him dearly. He knew how to nudge me out of my comfort zone and work with my (mainly mental) limitations.

I was given a new trainer who was; eh-at best…and just had me do the same thing over and over, but I kept plugging along. It was that or pay for nothing. I knew I could wait out my year and stop the sessions. Then he moved away just about the time I could put in to stop the sessions (which I did). The one who was supposed to take his place never showed up for the first session. Jeff was there and finished with his clients for the day and agreed to work with me that day. I liked him and wanted him to finish up the time I had left. After a couple of sessions I knew I didn’t want to quit. Jeff was new at training (lord I had to break him right, hahaha) but was great. Knowing I’m a runner he took that and researched the best exercises and workouts for runners and tailored my sessions for what I needed to best benefit my running and racing.

After just about a year Jeff went out on his own, and I followed him. He still works me out to help my running game (such as it is right now) but has decided I need to get “stronger”. I keep saying he has a hefty insurance policy on me that he’s trying to cash in on 😂.

Here’s some of the crazy things he’s come up with:

He said this keg was about 90 lbs, it was sloshing like crazy when I was running with it.

Now remember I have lost 70 lbs. but trying to run carrying that weight puts it into perspective. How did I walk around with all that extra weight?

This next thing weighs 190 lbs! What was I thinking?

If that’s not enough he has me deadlifting too. I think all of this is because I told him, my son (the “baby”) who is a “gym rat”, lol said I should try powerlifting for my next challenge. Since then he keeps coming up with this craziness….

This was “only” 115 lbs. I have done a few reps of 135!!

Now as crazy as this is I pay him for this stuff AND have gone from every other week to weekly. One of  us clearly needs our head examined!

The last couple of weeks my workouts with Jeff have been out of sync. Due to some scheduling conflicts we’ve had to change our usual Saturday morning sessions to during the week, at night, for a couple of weeks. I’ve come to realize my winter workouts suffer because I hate going out at night in the cold and dark. Because of that yoga is hit or miss, as much as I love it, it’s hard to drag my butt out the door when it’s cold and dark. I also really don’t like driving at night so I’ve added some weight training here at home to keep myself moving this time of year. But I will get my rear in the car and go out tonight for my weekly “torture” oops training session.

Before I go I need to give a shoutout to Derrick Rivers of No Limit Training (he’s in the middle).

Derrick is another trainer who trains out of Forze’ XXIV training gym. He is a trip!

If you’ve ever wondered about hiring a trainer and if it would be of benefit; the answer is yes! You may need to search for the right one, for you, but when you find him or her you’ll definitely be glad you did!

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