Distressed Denim

No more stretchy clothes that can grow with me!

Have you ever intentionally bought clothes with holes already in them?

I have said, more than once, I would never! But then last month I did…. I wouldn’t say it was an impulse buy either! I am trying really hard to think about what I purchase and if I’ll really wear it. After seeing them in a catalogue and an email, I knew I at least wanted to try them. I had to go to the store, try them on for size and then order in petites. I wore them this past Saturday to a baby shower.

I purchased them from White House Black Market. Many of you may remember they used to be called White House.

When I first lost my weight and made my goal weight in 1995, I told my husband I wanted to purchase a “reward” piece of clothing from White House. I never did. With three teenagers at home I found it hard to justify spending that much money on a piece of clothing and I never found quite the “right” piece either. I did look several times. I have often thought, if I had looked more and allowed my self that reward, I may have fought harder not to regain my weight. I guess we’ll never really know if that’s true or not, but this time I’m making sure to buy what I like and want and making sure it fits my body. I have hung on to nothing from my larger size. No more stretchy clothes that can grow with me! The closest thing to stretch that I own are leggings and athletic/workout wear. And I’m not going to grow too much with them either!

These are the embroidered, distressed skinny jeans. I wore them with the essential white shirt from JJILL, the booties are by Vince Camuto (I love his shoes and boots and usually purchase them from HSN) and have found I can wear heels all day, with good shoes.  I was a bit worried, at first, that the jeans might be “too young” for this Glamma, but after trying them on and knowing how and what I planned to wear with them; I think not. I think I rocked them!!! If I do say so myself, LOL!

I wore the JJILL shirt here with black jeans from Levi, the same boots and a faux leather and ponte moto style jacket. The jacket was a clearance purchase last year from Wilsons Leather. I have received numerous compliments on it every time I wear it. The necklace is a silver baby omega and the pendant is Black Hills silver/gold. The stone is rose quartz. We, “The Man” and I, have long been fans of Black Hills gold jewelry and have traveled to the Black Hill of South Dakota a couple of times. I call “The Hills” my happy place. This necklace was from our first trip out there and purchased from Landstrom’s.

The jewelry I chose to wear, with my distressed jeans, is from my Plunder collection. The Anita necklace and Feather and Pearl bracelet. I fell in love with both of these piece as soon as I got them.

 They are both being discontinued to make room for new products, but there may still be a few available if you’re interested. You can check over at my plunder party website:


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