Holidays and Chocolate 

Eating a piece of chocolate is ok, as long as you don’t over do it.

Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago. Is it a holiday that you celebrate? Did your honey or sweetheart bring you chocolates? Did you want candy? If not, have asked those close to you not to get it for you or bring it around? Did you run out the day after to get half priced candy? I have done just that more than once!

Is there any holiday that doesn’t involve chocolate or some type of holiday themed candy?

Do you like chocolate? I sure do! I’m definitely a chocoholic, lol, but I am also picky about my chocolate. Dark chocolate is my choice but I won’t eat just any ol’ kind and usually have one piece everyday. It’s my little treat. I like to freeze Dove promises or some similar sized good dark chocolate. They take longer to eat that way.

Having a piece of chocolate is perfectly ok as long as you don’t over do it. I know everyone cannot do that. Sweets whether it be candy, cake, or cookies are a trigger for many  to just keep eating, and not stop until every last bite is gone. If you can’t have a small amount and stop, it’s better that you don’t have it at all.  You may also need to ask your friends and family to not bring it to you. Ask for the support you need. If they won’t comply? Throw it away and if you can’t bring yourself to do that re-gift it. Over time you may be able to learn to enjoy a bit and move on, but until then….do what ever it takes to keep it away from you and your environment.

I learned early on to tell myself “a small amount of something today is ok, I can have another little bit the next day or the next time I have it”. Depriving myself of something I enjoy is more likely to set me up to go off the rails when I do have it. I say “I CHOOSE NOT to have it, not I CAN’T have it”. That works for me. Only know if it will work for you.

I am far more likely to over do on salty, crunchy foods. I have not figured out why, I’m not a huge salt eater, but when I get stressed and reach for something that I might binge on; it’s something salty and crunchy. Maybe it’s hearing the crunch? Crunching can be almost like popping bubble wrap! Hmmm….maybe I should keep a supply of bubble wrap in the kitchen!

We all have different triggers and vices. That’s why there is no one size fits all weight loss plan. I feel WW is pretty close as each individual can work the plan the way it works for them. There is no “this is the ONLY way”.

“The Man” did not get me candy, but he did good. Not only did he get me something I knew about, he went shopping on his own and got something else! 

I hope y’all have a great weekend. I’ll be at the meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub in the morning. After that I don’t know. The weather is supposed to be spring like this weekend. Maybe we can spend a little time outside! If it’s going to be nice where you are, get out and get a little bit of “me time”! Next week I’ll be back to my Saturday morning “torture” oops “training” sessions with Jeff.

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4 thoughts on “Holidays and Chocolate ”

  1. Chocolate from the Dog only. Husband did not get me chocolate as requested. We just threw out some chocolate kisses from last year’s VDay.
    On the right track, one day / one bite at a time. Thanks, great job!

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