Saturday Date Night 

I was a bit uncertain how to dress for the weather

Saturday morning I made it to the meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub after waking up a bit late! Since I didn’t have my Saturday session with Jeff (my trainer) I came home to clean…I do lead an exciting life, lol!

It was a beautiful spring-like day (the entire weekend was gorgeous) “the man” and I had made plans earlier in the week to go out to dinner and a movie. It was a kinda, sorta, belated valentines date. The last time we went to the movies was Valentines Day 2015! We actually had what I called “lunner” (a late lunch, early dinner). The movie started at 4:30 and we were back home by 7:30….yep, life is exciting here, haha! Because he works nights we rarely, if ever, go out during the week.

I was a bit uncertain on how to dress for the weather, lol. Most of my warm weather clothes are packed away. Digging them out was not an option and I might have looked a little silly wearing them in February, in Maryland….no need to borrow trouble and ask to be carted off to the funny farm. After going back and forth I chose this:

The denim dress is from Anthropology. While it has that denim look, it really is more of a chambray fabric. Shauna from featured it on her blog late last summer. I thought it was just a bit sassy; and who doesn’t need a bit of sassy now and  then? The over the knee suede boots are by Vince Camuto from HSN, the cuff will turn down so that you can wear them below the knee too. They are on clearance now and still available in all colors. They are called Briella. This color is called sugarplum, I have always loved the burgundy/wine shades and I was so excited when I learned that it was the hot color for this winter! I also bought them in black leather. I was actually shocked I could wear them. They aren’t wide calf and this is a style I usually cannot get over my calves. These do have an elastic gusset in the back that gives them a little stretch, but not a lot. Three years ago, I would have never got them even half way up, gusset or not! Losing 70 lbs has made wearing and buying boots much more enjoyable, and I wear them often. The jewelry I wore is from Plunder. The set is called Eros, when I checked it was still available and you can find it here: it was a valentine’s special and the necklace and earrings were only $24 for the set! I love the floating hearts on the necklace. I’ve always been drawn to jewelry with hearts.

I have worn this dress with short boots, but I wasn’t feeling it this day. I think I just didn’t like the look with the textured tights. Bare legs were not an option this time of year, I look like Casper! Ain’t nobody ready to see that, LOL!!! But when I saw these pictures I wasn’t sure this worked or looked as good as I thought it did in the mirror. This is why it’s good to take pictures. It’s much more telling than looking in the mirror. I think it’s starting to grow on me again though. What do you think?

This dress will also be cute with sandals in the summer. It’s very lightweight and flowy without a belt, so even if it’s hot out, it will still be cool.

Please take a few minutes to let me know what you think. If you keep scrolling there’s a comment section at the end. I would like for you to share the posts on Facebook and twitter too. My goal is to reach and inspire anyone who might need it. I hope I can do that. I know each and every post doesn’t resonate with every one but you never know who might need to hear something that day.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Date Night ”

  1. I love your outfit! I have been looking for a cute denim dress that is sophisticated and edgy not frumpy. You hit the mark. Also love the boots. I agree Vince Camuto shoes are well made and comfortable.

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