A Beautiful Saturday at the Harbor 

Don’t you just love the spring rain smell in the air

Our weekend plans were a bit up in the air, this past weekend, due to some changes in our regular schedule so I wasn’t quite sure what we were going to do.

I started the day off with my weekly meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub and I was back on track with my regularly scheduled Saturday session with Jeff, my trainer. We had a great workout and talked about some goals. I’ll be talking to you about that over the next couple of days.

I came home, did a little cleaning (the man worked again this weekend) he usually only works every other Saturday, but helped out for this weekend. I had a little visitor, after I got home, our youngest grand little came over for a bit. She’s growing too fast, and developing quite a personality.

The man decided we should go down to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, so we did.

We have had some exceptionally gorgeous weather the past couple of weeks. It has been so spring-like that it can really trick you into forgetting that it’s February. It was a nice day to walk along the waterfront. Very often we are dealing with snow and/or a blizzard around this time of year. As lovely as the warm days have been it does make it hard to handle days like today, when the temperatures are back to normal, lol! A storm was expected and rolled in while we were out and about. We were quickly tossed back into reality! But before the temperatures dropped, during and after the thunderstorms, you could smell that spring was in the air. Don’t you just love the spring rain smell in the air?

It was nice not to need a coat or jacket! I decided to wear leggings from Legging Army. These are called Laced in Blue, you can find them here (if they haven’t sold out again) at www.leggingarmy.com/#grandma2glamma the tunic type top is from Lululemon. That was one of the stops on our outing. The lovely young ladies working there were so kind and told me they loved my outfit and that I was “so put together”. I’m glad I looked put together (because truth be known I’m so unorganized most days it’s not funny). Of course I had to tell them about the blog and invited them to come over, check it out, and leave some feedback. I hope they do, just to get an opinion from someone I don’t “know” lol. I wore my Poppy necklace from Plunder, which you can find here www.plunderdesign.com/party/JanetE1/ the boots are by Guess via DSW I got them on clearance a couple of years ago. The hat (I’ve decided I love them) is from Hats in the Belfry; you can’t see it but there is brown leather band around it that matches back to the boots. It was kind of a Christmas gift from “The Man”.

Here is a close up of Poppy. Isn’t she just precious?

When the storms rolled in while we were strolling around the harbor, we had to take shelter a couple of times in various stores to escape the downpours. One time we just made it into Barnes and Noble booksellers before the bottom fell out! We picked up some books for the grand littles, and while standing in the checkout line I came across this wonderful tote

How fun is it?

We finished up the day by doing some regular shopping for the house, and a late (for us) dinner at a local neighborhood restaurant called The Caddyshack Express.

I had the most amazing appetizer: crab nachos! I only ate half (the man won’t eat seafood) and brought the rest home for my daughter. I also had a shrimp salad wrap and a few fries.

Since I told y’all Saturday morning I was taking a screen break for the weekend;  I didn’t even log into my weight watchers app to track my food. I mentally tracked what I ate, but wasn’t going to obsess and I know I left plenty of my weekly extra points in the table. I have learned that I can go for a few days without tracking and not go off the rails. I also know that if I go too long without getting back to basics I can and will likely run a muck. So today it’s back to tracking and working the plan like it’s my job. After all this upcoming Saturday is the first Saturday of March and I must weigh in to establish myself free for the month, and to maintain my free lifetime status.

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Let’s make this week great!

Until the next time


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  1. Love the sayings especially Laugh like Lucy. I’m sitting in the airport with a long day ahead, but I’m so comfy due to my LeggingArmy leggings in chalkboard. They arrived right before I left and I was so glad that I threw them into suitcase.

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