Winter’s Back

Mother Nature is clearly off her meds

Hi Y’all! The weekend is upon us and winter has reared its head again. Yes, I know it hasn’t officially¬†left, but the past few weeks of really nice days can trick your mind and spoil you fast. It sure didn’t take me long to get used to those nice weekend days, lol. I was rushing Spring so fast I went¬†and bought a pair of sandals last week…..wonder when I’ll get to wear them?

Right now I have no plans for the weekend other than my usual; the meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub and my workout with, Jeff, my trainer. Well, that and staying warm! It was in the mid-high 70’s on Wednesday and is projected to be in the single digits with wind chills the next few nights!!! Mother Nature is clearly off her meds!

This will be my first Weight Watchers meeting of March so I will have to weigh-in to establish myself as a free lifetime member for the month. After that I can attend as many meetings as I want for the month and not weigh or pay. I generally weigh-in at least two or three meetings, it helps to keep me focused. I know from past experiences if I don’t stay focused it wouldn’t take long for old habits come back and they would bring along their friends “the pounds”. There’s really only one secret to maintenance and that is to continue doing what you did to get there.

Maybe I can talk the “The Man” into staying home so I can get to work organizing the blog, and my Plunder and Legging Army businesses. I should have some new Plunder coming in the mail today (that’s always fun) so I will have some new stuff to show you next week. I think I told you last week organization is not my strong suit….I tend to do better with organized chaos, but right now even I’m overwhelmed. Since it looks like there will be no one home but the two of us, it seems like a good time to do some work. I might even figure out how to get this blog written more efficiently so that I can get it posted earlier in the day!

Many of my wonderful friends let me put a post about my Plunder business on their Facebook wall this morning. That will help to get my business seen by more people, I hope. I really am getting more and more excited by this company.

Maybe we’ll venture out for Saturday date night, (hmmm, I wonder if The Caddy Shack will have those yummy crab nachos again, lol). I will have to get the shopping done, but other than that I really hope to stay put, and honestly take out sounds pretty good this week. Sunday is family dinner night and the kids all tend to be here for dinner. So, I guess I’ll have to plan something for that.

What do y’all have planned for this weekend? Anything fun and exciting? I’d love to hear about it. Just scroll on down to the bottom and leave a comment.

Of course you know I like hearing from you and I appreciate it when you like and share the blog on Facebook and Twitter. That’s what helps me to reach more people.

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