Perfectly Imperfect

My body is capable of and has done some pretty darn amazing things!

Saturday dawned cold as expected. I went to my first March meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub AKA Weight Watchers meeting. I weighed in, below goal, to establish myself free for the month. I was down 1/2 lb from my February weigh in. I am not at the lowest I’ve ever weighed, since getting back to goal, but I am with in the range that I consider my “happy weight”.

It was a packed house even on a cold morning at 7am!

At least ten of those in attendance are free lifetime members too, and also come every week. We have some lifetime members who are free and don’t come each week, but there are more that do. I know that, they too, will tell you that coming each week is what keeps them accountable and is the key to their continued success.

We talked about body image and were asked to describe what/how we think about our bodies. My response was: Perfectly Imperfect. Of course, I was asked to explain. I said that; although my body isn’t “perfect” by some standards, its mine and perfect for me. It has carried and birthed three children, one by c-section, I have abused it by allowing it to carry more weight than it should have, but it has allowed me to run more than a dozen races; including more than a half-dozen half marathons (five in less than a months time frame) a full marathon and many other small races. It is/was able to dead lift 135 lbs, along with many other challenges that my trainer, Jeff, has thrown at me. So while it may not look perfect to some people (and not even me on some days) and yes, there are days that I have a pity party still and don’t like what I see. I have “lumps and bumps”.  I still have flab in my tummy area and arms and I’ll likely never have a thigh gap, but I know that my body is capable of and has done some pretty darn amazing things!

I left the meeting and went straight to the gym to get my session in with Jeff. Of course he challenged me as always and I did more amazing things….my previous dead lift record was 135 pounds. This week I did 140! My son said he thinks I should be able to get in the 160’s 😳! Something to work towards? Or enough to solidify my suite at the looney bin?

I did that three times! Pretty amazing, I’d say!

We finished with what Jeff calls the easy stuff. Turkish get-ups.

They are my nemesis. I detest them and he knows it, lol! Deadlifting 140 pounds is easier 😳. I did these with a ten pound dumbbell, that’s the heaviest I’ve used for them.

We finally ended with a 1 1/2 minute plank with a 25 lb weight. The goal was to hold as long as I could. I was done and was literally watching the clock to get to that point. My son said the weight is bigger than me.

A few weeks back he had me hold a plank with a 45 pound weight. The goal was 30 seconds, I made it 45. That was really hard. During a plank challenge a while back, I had worked myself up to a five-minute plank. By four minutes I was “slap happy” and had to resort to singing show tunes to get to the end, LOL. Not pretty for anyone who was listening! I can belt them out, but no one in their right mind wants to hear it!!!

One of my fellow WW members had said to add to my analogy of my body image, “you are stronger than you think”. I think that is true. Jeff, might even agree with that. Maybe he’ll chime in here one day. I know he reads what I have to say from time to time….

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I hope y’all had a great weekend. Let me know what you did.

Until the next time





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14 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect”

  1. Wow, you look amazing. I wish I had your determination and also acceptance. I think many people accept themselves and choose not to change but you somehow managed both.

  2. You’re so amazing and motivating! My mom is a lifer WW member also, and I’ve gone to a few meetings with her when I go back home. The accountability is wonderful. I love your gym challenges. You’re indeed very strong!!

  3. So great! I love your description of “perfectly imperfect” – it’s awesome to find people who appreciate their bodies for what they can do rather than focusing on the “lumps and bumps”! Kudos on the great list of races you’ve run, and congrats on the new deadlift PR!

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