Taking That First Step

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with just one step

March 8, 2014. Three years ago today.  That was the Saturday morning that I took “the walk of shame” back through the door of Weight Watchers. Why do I say it was the walk of shame? Because just a few month shy of 20 years before I walked through the door of my first ever WW meeting. It was a Saturday morning at 8am. I joined WW about a month after my dad passed away. That was the perfect meeting for me. Why? Because daddy had always called me every Saturday morning at 8am. By attending that WW meeting at that time, I wasn’t sitting home waiting for the phone to ring or crying because it would never ring again with him on the other end of the line. At that time I weighed 152 lbs. I embraced that plan and started my journey. By the same time the following year I was at my goal weight and a card-carrying, lifetime member of WW. I kept that weight off for several years, but…..

Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson very well, and gained the weight back. I started and stopped a few times throughout the years. I never let myself go too far above that original starting weight, until the one day, I did.

When I got on that scale, March 8, 2014, I was at my heaviest weight ever; 179.4 lbs. I had not thought about or planned to go back to WW that day. My daughter decided she was ready to “lose the baby weight” and wanted to go, she wanted me to go with her. I wasn’t sure I was ready, or that I would stick it out. Oh, I knew that while I was paying them my money I would work the plan, but I really didn’t think I was ready.  I guess I was wrong.

This was me that day. This picture was taken a bit over a month prior on February 3, 2014. I did not take one the day I started back, and to my knowledge there wasn’t any other one taken in between.

I did take pictures along the way and this a picture collage of my journey. I’m not sure if I’ve shown you this before or not.

It is important to take that before picture and pictures along the way. It will get you through the days when the scale frustrates you, and it will. There will be times that you’ve done “everything right”, worked your plan to a “T” and get on that scale with a result you weren’t expecting. It happens. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why, but it does. Pictures, taking your measurements, and the way your clothes are fitting better are what will get you through those days.

This is me today, -70 lbs. It has taken a lot of work (mentally) for me to be able to take AND post a picture like this.

Like I told you the other day, my body is perfectly imperfect. This and the following pictures will reveal many of those lumps and bumps that I talked about.

I can pick and point out every lump, bump, jiggly wiggly bits of loose skin, fat pockets; you name it. If it’s considered a flaw, I can find it! But I also know what this body is capable of doing. I shared that with you Monday. It has allowed me to run many miles. Not fast, but faster today than it was the day I started.

This was crossing the finish line of that first half marathon, in Oct 2014. I had made it to the -35 lb mark the day before.

This was heading in to the finish line of my first (and only so far) marathon. It was only one year later, Oct 2015. I was below my goal weight and at approx. -66 lbs from my starting weight.

It carried me through a 5 half marathon in 5 weekend endurance challenge with my daughter last year.

Let me take a moment to explain the shirts we are wearing in these pictures “Sid Busch for President”. This not a political post, statement, or endorsement. Sid is a 70-year-old retired navy veteran who has run over 200 marathons and countless half marathons and smaller races in honor of our fallen soldiers. He runs these carrying the American Flag the entire way.


Sid is well-loved, known, and highly respected throughout the running community. We never miss an opportunity to support him and the cause. Last year during all the presidential hoopla, many had said we should nominate Sid for president. The idea of the shirts was born and the proceeds from the money raised was donated to veterans charities that Sid endorses. If you want to read more about Sid and his story, google him. You won’t be sorry.

This 53-year-old body is much stronger today then it was three years ago and getting stronger. Where will it be this time next year?

When I started this journey three years ago I couldn’t even think I would have been able to do all that I have. I never had any thoughts of doing any of it. My only goal was to lose some weight. So like I said before; this imperfect body has done some pretty amazing things.

Yours can too. It will take hard work and dedication, but if you want it you can achieve it. You may not want to run a marathon or lift 140 lbs, but you can do whatever it is you want. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

I am not great or wonderful. I have not started this blog to pay accolades to myself. My goal is to tell my story and hopefully help and encourage others along their journey. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother (Oma), who started a journey to hopefully ward off the health problems that come with age and obesity and not allow them take over her body and life. I had not been threatened with those issues yet and I hope that I have been able to make the changes necessary to avoid them.

If you only take one thing away from here. Let it be “don’t give up”. If you’re struggling to get to the finish line of your race, find someone/something to help you get there. You can do it and you are worth it or worthy of it!

As you know I love to hear from you, and if you keep scrolling the comment section is down below. Please feel free to share the blog on Facebook or Twitter. When you like and share the blog it helps more people to see it.

Until the next time


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