Brownie aka Crack Brittle 

If you have trigger foods it may be best to keep them away

This stuff is crack in a bag! I was warned about it but, did I listen? Oh no, I went ahead and bought it anyway. I picked it up at BJ’s wholesale club Saturday. Yep the super sized bag…. It’s almost gone. Now, I don’t think I’m the only one who has been eating it, but I haven’t been shy about putting my hand in that bag either!

I really didn’t count on it being as good or addictive as it is. If you are the person who likes the crunchy ends of a brownie and not the softer middle, this is for you. If you can control yourself.

According to the package a serving size is one ounce. One piece weighed about 1/2 ounce. When I scanned the bag with my WW app, it came up as 6 pieces was 6 points, That would make one piece, one point. Now which one sounds better? Of course one point per piece works for me 😂😂. But which is correct? Sometimes you have to use your best judgement. I tend to not always use my extra “maintenance” points so at the end of the day if I’ve miscalculated something, I have some wiggle room and it balances out to a degree.

Now the great thing about WW is, and always has been, that I can eat what I want I just have to track it and be accountable. If you aren’t careful that can also get you in trouble. It can make it too easy to stray too far off the plan. Truth be known, I haven’t eaten six pieces of this at one time. It really is too sweet, for me, to go that crazy. But I have had a couple of pieces each day, at different times throughout the day. Another thing, instead of leaving it where I could see it, I should’ve put it away somewhere. If I had to go search it out, I wouldn’t have had it as often. Has it derailed me? Interfered with my progress? No. But I can see how it could happen and happen fast.

Yesterday, would have been a day that I could have gone off the deep end very easily. What started out as a normal day, quickly became an emotional rollercoaster after a message received and dealing with a family issue. I imagine those days are at the root of a lot of our “bad eating” days. It takes its toil and we often turn to food for comfort and solace. Not doing that is a learning process. It takes time and willpower, but we can get through it and learn to refocus.  And if we do let it take over, we just get start back with the next meal or the next day. I have times where I will let myself wallow for the day, that’s ok. But ultimately to be successful you have to learn to FFMO: Forgive, Forget, Move On

If you have trigger foods it’s best to keep them away. More often than not that’s what gets us in trouble and starts the spiraling out of control behavior. One bite can lead to another, and another. What are your trigger foods? How do handle having them around?

Last night I ate the most amount in one sitting that I have all week. I was listening to a style webinar, while working on my Plunder and legging business, and munching on brownie brittle….there is nothing but crumbles left….

This is a big month for Plunder, so I’ve been told, and yesterday didn’t disappoint. It seems March Madness has hit and there specials galore almost everyday. We also have a new catalog coming out next month so things are moving fast. Yesterday there were two “bundles” of great pieces; that’s two to three pieces of great jewelry for the price of one or even less. Yesterdays deals were awesome. I will be posting them on my Facebook page as quick as I hear about them. You can join me there at: Vintage Jewelry with Grandma2Glamma. Just like and follow the page and when the deals are posted, if you see something you like, grab them quick. The ones yesterday both sold out in less than two hours. You can shop with me at

Let me know what works for you and you control your triggers. The comment section is down below. I love hearing from you. Please like and share the blog on Facebook and twitter. When you do that it helps to reach more people.

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