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I am not a style guru, I am just trying to learn what works for me and share with others.

I mentioned I was on a webinar the other night for a style course. Following other over 50 bloggers has been a tremendous help for me as I’ve started developing/evolving/honing my style. The course/challenge I’m currently working on is with Sylvia from It really helps to at least get you to step outside of your box and try new things. Of course, not everything you learn will work for you, but you can take what does and leave what doesn’t.

Learning to dress for the body you have can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been dressing to hide your body. When you’re 50+ there is also a fine line between dressing hip(?), dressing like an “old lady” or  dressing like a teenager.  Sometimes I still have a hard time, because of my size especially height, I could actually shop in the little girls section of JCPENNY. But let’s face it, there’s not much (if anything) there that is age appropriate even if it does “fit” and just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s for you. I have been lucky, through following other sites, to find some petite lines that fit me well. They do come with a cost though. This is not to brag that I’m so small, but to explain that it can actually be as hard to dress a small body as an extremely overweight body.

Many of the bloggers/stylists I follow focus on having a capsule wardrobe. That’s having a few items that can be paired with each other for different looks. This is a new concept for me. I’ve always had “outfits” therefore a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! I’m trying to learn to pare down but old habits are hard to break!

This months focus for the course I’m taking is your spring wardrobe capsule. This is particularly hard right now, because my spring/summer clothes are packed away. Who wants to unpack and unearth spring clothes, when it’s freezing outside? I had thought to work more on that this weekend, but “the powers that be” have said it will feel like 10 degrees tomorrow morning and 8 degrees Sunday morning (should make for an interesting trip to the #saturday7amsocialclub and my standing gym appointment). Sweaters and boots it will be! I have managed to pull a few pieces out of the closet that weren’t packed away. Some I can wear year round or at least for three seasons.

This is what I pulled out quickly yesterday. The white jeggings by DG2 via HSN are a great fit for me and I have them in several washes. I will wear white all year, I have learned that the old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day has been put to bed. You can wear white all year, but don’t wear it on rainy or bad weather days. I honestly never paid much attention to it, except for shoes and handbags. I still don’t wear white shoes, but that’s mainly because my white shoes tend to be open shoes and, in Maryland, in the winter that just doesn’t work and I don’t own a white bag. I’ve just haven’t found one I like, yet. Now I’m that person who really should not wear white on any day that ends in Y, regardless of the season….in fact I wore those white jeggings yesterday, with the leopard print top (and “The Man” asked me if I had lost it, wearing white pants, during the week, with the grand littles). The top is from Covered Perfectly. It’s from their MicroModal collection and wears beautifully.

Covered Perfectly is a woman owned company that focuses on women over 40. Their items are made here in the USA. You can check them out at Pauline has a great line and always offers buy 2 get the 3rd free. If you sign up for her newsletter, she does offer discounts for 1-2 pieces at times, but the buy 2 get the 3rd free is the best deal. You even get free shipping and I’ve always had my items within two days.

I will start working on putting accessories together this weekend, I think. The weather may not deter me from that, lol. Joining Plunder has given me a new eye for what can work. This month is going to be crazy busy at Plunder. It is March Madness. There are going to be great bundles of jewelry almost daily. These deals tend to be greatly discounted, and can be released at various times throughout the day. There will be two to three great pieces for one low price.  Now is the time, if you’ve thought of trying a piece or two, to get it. I will be posting them on my Plunder Facebook page: Vintage Jewelry with Grandma2Glamma as soon as I get the word. If you’d like to know about them in advance, like and follow that page. If you’d like to just shop you can go to: that’s the party link I have opened for March. Most of these bundles sell out within a couple of hours. If you’d like to join me in my business, there are opportunities for that too. I’d be happy to tell you more about, just send me a message or email me at:

I am so not a style guru, I am just trying to learn what works for me and share with others. I hope that some of the things I share can be of help to you too.

As always I love hearing what you think. The comment section is down below, just keep scrolling.

I hope y’all have a great weekend.

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