Unplanned Sunday Breakfast Date

I’m not sure that anything on the menu is WW point friendly

Yesterday morning as we were heading out early to get some shopping done, “The Man” decided we should go out for breakfast. We are preparing for a big snow storm that’s supposed to start tonight. After several weeks of unseasonably warm, spring like weather, we are preparing for a foot or more of snow! Mother Nature has clearly become confused….

We went to a new for us restaurant, called the Iron Rooster. Their specialty is “Southern Comfort Food”! I’m not sure there is much, if anything, on their menu that is weight watchers point friendly, lol! I have no idea what the WW points value of what I ate was, and I’m sure it was up there, but I enjoyed every bite…..fortunately these types of meals are few and far between and I usually pre plan them. Since I had already planned dinner I knew I could work it in, but I do prefer being able to plan ahead. I feel more in control that way. The weekends are when I usually have any indulgences because we don’t go out during the week, and I plan my meals at home to be healthful and point friendly for me. So even though it wasn’t planned, it won’t cause a problem for me either. I won’t be having a meal like this for a long while either. Moderation is really one of the keys to long term success.

We started off sharing the most delicious homemade pop tart. It is one of their specialties.

I didn’t think to take a picture before we cut into it. We got the cinnamon brown sugar. This is “the mans” favorite, and I don’t care for those things in a box…this was sooooo good. I was very surprised, actually.

I ordered the chicken and waffles.

It certainly didn’t disappoint. I ate a little more than half and brought what was left of the chicken and waffle home. The home fries were good, but what I didn’t eat of them I left. The man, ordered eggs and bacon (he’s not very adventurous). There was enough bacon for a couple of people and the eggs must have come from giant-sized chickens, lol! He finished all but some of his home fries and left almost miserable from being too full. He didn’t eat lunch. I finished the bit I took home for a late lunch, and only had a small portion of dinner. It was nice to have a breakfast out instead of dinner. Changing things up can be good too.

We finished up our necessity shopping and then went out for a little shopping for my style workshop. I told you last week we are working on a spring wardrobe capsule. There are some trendy items I don’t have and I wanted to look for them or at least explore the possibility of adding them. Some I discovered, as I thought, just won’t work for me, but you never know until you try. I will be sharing the results of this experiment with you later on. It’s a two-week “fashion” show (if you will) so I think I’ll pick a day each week to highlight what I came up with. In the meantime, I better stay on track….

What did you do this weekend? Are you getting ready for an almost spring BIG snow storm too? Do the folks where you are freak out at the “S” word and flock to the store for milk, bread, and TP? I imagine the shelves of our stores were bare this morning, LOL!

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Have a great week and stay safe and warm!

Until the next time


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  1. I love your blog! I live in the land of southern comfort food, so I can appreciate the pictures! I’m from the north, so I’m talking to family who still lives there and watching the news. I do not miss the weather at all! We are having cold weather and I’m looking forward to our spring/summer sauna weather, (HOT & HUMID for days and days).

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