Snow/Ice Day

Stay safe and warm

It’s been a busy day here! I hope everyone is safe and warm! We didn’t get the amount of snow that was predicted, we got more of an ice/snow mix. What’s going to make that worse is that it’s going to re freeze off and on for next several days. I would have rather had the foot of snow!

The good news is I was able to get a work out helping to “dig out”, AND no one felt the need to have a “snow day bake off”, ┬álol. In the past lazy days like today were good for hanging out, cooking, baking, and eating comfort food. Instead I decided to have a Facebook Plunder Party! That has kept me too busy to worry about baking! I guess there’s always a silver lining!

I was also able to get a few photos done for the style challenge, since everyone was home from work. That should make things go a bit smoother for the rest of this week.

Stay safe and warm!

Until the next time


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