Out of Sorts

Does a change in your routine cause you to be out of sorts? I does me, and today is no exception. It’s almost 9am and I’m just now thinking about writing the blog and I’m still in my pajamas! Yesterday’s storm is still having an effect on my schedule. School is closed again today, so all the grand littles are here, the one who doesn’t live with us came early, and I woke up late! I am very much a “creature of habit”. I like having a schedule or routine, although I’m not the person who lives by a calendar either.

In case you’re just joining me here, I’m a 53-year-old SAHGMa. I “retired” from my job in health care 5 1/2 years ago to stay home with my second grand little; my new grandson. A couple of years later along came his sister, Miss Quinn. A few months after my daughter, her husband, and the babies moved in with us. I don’t think “The Man” and I have ever been true “empty nesters”. Our youngest son had barely moved out before the littles moved in. I often think if we had that much time together we might find we don’t even like each other, LOL! I don’t know what I’d do without the littles here, either. They definitely keep life interesting. But back to the subject….I can get off track quick!

Getting off track is just what a change in the way you do things can cause. I am right in that boat this week. Because the routine is out of whack, I have let myself deviate from my regular daily habits. My meals have not been the best choices, because I have not adhered to my regular eating times, then I tend to just look for something quick and easy. That doesn’t usually result in good choices.

So how do you turn it around?

For me its realizing whats happening and starting right then to work getting back to “normal”. Obviously there are some things beyond our control, such as school/work closings. It’s not like they were a surprise with the weather situation, so I should have planned ahead, but I didn’t. I guess you could say I had my own snow day! Maybe that’s the best way to look at it. Now that it’s over life can start to get back to it’s regularly scheduled monotony. We have a planned eat out dinner for tonight, It’s a fundraiser for my granddaughter’s preschool at a local pizzeria. Since my husband “The Man” doesn’t go out during the week, because of his work schedule, and will be in bed before we get back home I’ll  have to prepare something for him before going. Since this is an event that has been planned for several weeks, it’s easy to work into my daily food plan. I just work the rest of my day around it. It could have been more of a challenge (mentally) if they had cancelled the event at the last-minute because of the storm. Why? I had already prepared for dining out and what I would like eat. If that had changed I would have had to come up with a new dinner plan….Now it’s not like we don’t have plenty of food here to pull something together, but whether or not it would have “suited” everyone else is another story, ha-ha.

How do you handle change? Do you just roll with it or have to mentally adjust?

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