Fashion Fads or Trends

Something I once thought a fad has become a trend

Do you follow fashion trends? Do you jump on the fad bandwagon or do you wait to see if something new has staying power?

Participating in the style challenge with 40plusstyle has me thinking about this more.

A friend posted this in her Facebook page last night.

Would you buy or wear these jeans? What is your first thought? Would you call this is a fad or trend? Do you think this will sell? Are you tempted to run out and get you a pair, lol? I can say with confidence, No Way! The only part of this that would maybe appeal to me is the term “mom jeans”. I must admit; I was a “mom jean” supporter, back in the day, and was very upset when I could no longer buy high waist jeans. I loved them! Now that I have lost weight I feel better and more comfortable wearing a mid-rise jean, but I must say I may explore a more high-waisted option. As long as I don’t gain the weight back they”ll last me forever, lol!

Something I once thought a fad has become a trend and I’m not sure it’s going away anytime soon.

The Distressed Jean.

I said forever I would never purchase such a thing! But I did recently. I’ve shown them before. But here they are again.

These are from WHBM and I was first drawn to them for the lace and embroidery. I didn’t notice the distressing, at first glance, in the cataloge. The distressing almost stopped me from trying them. But the more I looked at them the more I liked them, and they aren’t overly distressed. I’m glad I gave them a chance. I love them. I will say, I’m not going to run out and buy a closet full of them, these will do nicely.

I think these can be cute and feminine and once the weather cooperates; I’ll style them differently. I think the boots and the masculine inspired shirt make them a bit edgy, with a feminine vibe. They have the right elements for me.

“The Man” still says he can’t believe I bought “ripped up jeans”. He talks about it all the time, lol! Of course his favorite jeans tend to be those with holes all over. I guess the difference is they came naturally, but you know they never wear in the “right places”!

What are your thoughts on those “clear knee jeans” are you ready to run out and get you a pair? No judgement here if you do! How do you decide if something is a fad or a trend and if it’s for you?

The comment section is down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. As you know I’m trying to grow my subscriber list. Liking and sharing the blog helps me to do that and I appreciate each time you do.

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Fads or Trends”

  1. Oh. Janet. There are many things in my life that I said I would never do and changed my mind later. There are also things I did and would never do again. Let just stick to fashion. Shall we? I don’t like the ripped jeans in the picture and would never buy them. However, I said that about “disressed” jeans and skinny jeans and I own both. The stylists at Stitch Fix sent them telling me basically to get over my too old age mentality and rock them. I did and if I may say so myself I do.

    Enjoying the blog.

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