Spring Style Challenge Week 1-Day 1

This is my interpretation

I told you a couple of weeks ago about participating in a style workshop. We have been working on a spring wardrobe challenge. The idea is to look at the spring trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe and style. Last week we started a two-week long modeling session, to show what we’ve put together.

After losing 70 lbs more than two years ago I found myself in need of an entirely new wardrobe. That was daunting, at best. I started following fashion bloggers on Facebook, looking at style courses, and how other over 50 women dressed and styled their clothes. During the transition period; when I was losing weight I often bought very cheap, clearance rack items without much thought as to how they looked overall, just that they would fit. That was likely not a good strategy in hindsight. My thought process was not on fashion as much as having something to wear that fit.

Once I was at the weight and size I was happy with, of course, I wanted to look my best. In my younger days I dressed quite nice and stylish (at least I think so) but with working at a job that didn’t require me to wear dress clothes and then gaining weight, I got away from it. I tried to make sure I had a couple of decent pieces and outfits in case I needed to dress for some occasion, but overall that part of my wardrobe was dismal. Actually, over time, my entire wardrobe became dismal….. Once I achieved my goal weight and size; any thing I had or bought that no longer fit, but was usable, was donated. I am a supporter of our local abused Women’s shelter, and often make donations to them. I refused to keep even one item. I do not want anything to “grow” into.

Below is a sampling of the capsule I used for week one. Many of these items will also make an appearance in week two. Please forgive my lack of photography skills….

The idea behind the wardrobe capsule is to have a grouping of items that can be mixed and matched and be able change the look up with accessories. You should be able to pack a few items to go away and have many looks with the same items, minimizing luggage space. I know “The Man” would be ecstatic if I could ever mange this. This is a hard idea for me though. I’m from the generation of “outfits”. You had good clothes/dress clothes and play clothes. They didn’t mix. I still do that, which I why I could use an entire set of luggage for just me on a weekend getaway! There are some things that are not everyday wear. I think that’s ok, but I’m enjoying learning how to use a small group to have different looks also.

This was the idea/challenge for the first day.

Below is my interpretation and what I came up with. I don’t have a skirt, so I used a Lily Pulitzer dress that I picked up at the end of last summer. I’ve looked at skirts but, so far, haven’t found any that I really care for. The mens inspired white shirt is from JJill. I chose two different pairs of shoes to change the look. The nude sandals are by Vince Camuto and purchased from the Home Shopping Network (HSN). The blue/teal slides are by Italian Shoemakers and purchased at DSW a couple of years ago. The bag I chose is a Dooney & Bourke, it’s called Sawyer and is available in a variety of colors, I purchased it last summer, and used it almost exclusively.   It’s a cross-body, but you can take a piece of the strap off and make it a short shoulder bag. The pink hat came from Amazon.

I didn’t have anyone to help take pictures, so a mirrored selfie is how I had to work with day one.

The consensus from the ladies in the group was that the shirt tied was the better look. I tend to agree. It was suggested to scrunch the sleeves, which I did on another day and I liked that look better. This will work really well during the spring transition and then without the shirt when summer hits full on. I didn’t wear any jewelry with this look because I was hurrying to get finished.

I’d love for you take a few moments to let me know what you think; of this look and the different looks throughout the week.

If you’re interested in getting in on Sylvia’s course; you can sign up for her newsletter at 40plusstyle.com.

You comments, likes, and shares are appreciated more than you know.

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  1. I signed up. I’m on waiting list. I love that dress and it looks like a skirt with shirt over which is even better in my opinion because easy layering and one less piece. You know I love the shoes.

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