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I had a hard time last week. I struggled. A LOT! It was toward the end of the week before it hit me. I was spread too thin, working on the style challenge, the snow/ice storm with everyone home and the aftermath of that, along with the time change, and I just didn’t make good for me choices. I knew I wasn’t, but continued on anyway. I thought I could have an off day and it would be ok. It didn’t work out that way. The result? Being bloated, up on the scale, and generally not feeling good about myself. Finally at one point either Thursday or Friday I was done, enough was enough, and I started throwing out the junk that I kept reaching for. I wasn’t even enjoying what I was eating but I just kept reaching for it. It was there, calling my name. At some point I knew the only way I could keep my hand out of the bag was to pitch it. I would love to have a “do over”, but that’s not possible. The only thing I can do is FFMO (Forgive Forget Move-On). And I have.

I started by getting the junk out of the house. I attended my usual weekly meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub aka Weight Watchers and learned that I was not the only one who struggled this past week. Many of my fellow members, lifetime and not had the same problem. The meeting topic was about finding your tribe. I have found that with my 7am group. These are my people! This is not a new revelation, I’ve known that for a while. I’ve attended other meetings when I know I won’t be able to go to my Saturday meeting and it’s just not the same. I went to a different meeting Wednesday evening with someone and although it was a good meeting it wasn’t my people. I didn’t leave there with the inspiration I needed. It was the same leader as we have on Saturday so, I guess, that proves that the people are what makes the meeting. I also knew I would be at Saturday’s meeting because I needed “my tribe, my squad, my people”. We feed off each other. We are better together.

My weekend was pretty mundane. I had my session with my personal trainer, Jeff, after the meeting on Saturday. We increased my deadline to 155. Wow! That was crazy! I never in a million years would have ever thought I would do that. I’m not sure where I will max out, only time will tell. I also did my weighted plank again, this time with a 45 lb plate and held it for 1:15! I was toast when I left there! Jeff, was supposed to send me the pictures to share with y’all, but I guess he forgot…Next week we will be focusing on some upper body stuff, so it won’t be near as exciting.

“The Man” and I went to BJs wholesale club for some of our usual grocery shopping and I walked by that brownie brittle twice and left it there! Oh my goodness, I could taste it though! When I said that stuff was crack in a bag, I meant it! I knew this would not be a good week to bring it in the house.

The rest of this week and next, I am planning to focus the blog on the style challenge I’ve been doing. That has been interesting. If you’ve never done something like this you should try it. I’m taking a course with 40plusstyle.com. If you sign up for Sylvia’s newsletter and get on the waiting list, she will notify you when there’s an opening, and you can get in on the next challenge.  Learning how to dress your new body, is a challenge and can be more so when you are over 50. Finding the right balance between too young and too old can be difficult.

I hope y’all had a good weekend. Let me know what you did and how you you survived.

As you know I love hearing from you. The comment section is down below, and I really appreciate it when you share the blog on Facebook and Twitter. Slowly but surely new readers are finding it. That’s in great part to you and your help liking, sharing, and getting the word out. I hope what I have to say resonates with and helps someone once in a while. That is my mission in starting this blog and sharing my journey, the good, bad, and the ugly with you.

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