Saturday Morning Workout

There might just be a little bit of muscle definition

After my #saturday7amsocialclub meeting AKA Weight Watchers, I headed off to my weekly session with my trainer, Jeff. Last week he told me we would be doing upper body work. What? Now you know I had to fuss at him, after all, he wouldn’t know what to think otherwise, lol. And I wouldn’t want him to think I was sick or enjoyed our sessions.

The meeting topic for this week was: Is this food worth it. Do you tend to ask yourself that before eating something? I imagine most people don’t usually do that. If you are on a journey to lose weight that might a good question to ask yourself before eating certain things. Sometimes the answer will unequivocally be yes, other times it might be no.

Are there times that you think something will be worth it, only to eat it, not enjoy it, and realize it wasn’t? That’s the worst. Being a long time WW; I know the ins and outs of the program. I can work and manipulate my points and the system, and I do. But there is nothing worse than planning to indulge, cheat, over do; what ever you want to call it and then not enjoy it.

I have had that happen a couple of times over the past few months, attempting to eat fast food. “The Man” and I would decide to get a burger somewhere we hadn’t been for a while only to be very disappointed in it. I guess I should know why I haven’t been eating at those places. Maybe I should take that as a sign to not got there. But I can be a hard learner, sometimes. This upcoming week I’ll have to behave myself and not over do it. Next Saturday will be the 1st and the first Saturday of the month. I will have to weigh-in to establish myself free for April.

Spring showed back up for a brief moment. It actually hit 80 degrees. I so excited I wore a tank top! I forgot winter was going to be back by Sunday morning….not only that but apparently I forgot I hadn’t seen a lick of sun in months!

I think I had spring fever last week, and became giddy, in anticipation of the warm day. On Thursday, I entered the lottery for the MCM-Marine Corps Marathon. The race is in October. I will be notified on Thursday 3/30 if I have been selected or not. I’m scared that I will, but will be equally disappointed if I don’t. It has 6:30 time limit, my time for the Baltimore Marathon was 6:29 and some few seconds…..pushing it a bit? I did have better time for the Halfs I ran last year, so I’m reasonably sure I can do it.

I guess I should get back to the subject of this post, the work out. It was pretty intense. I’m not sure when I remember working that hard. But you have to put in the work to get the results. We all know that can be easier said than done some days.

The shirt above was one of the first graphic tanks I bought, on my journey, after getting down to a smaller size. It’s a bit big now, but I will keep it until I find another with the same saying. There are days that I still need that reminder.

Arm and shoulder work. Can you see some muscle definition? I think there might be some. Just a little bit.

This may not look like it should be hard, I’m using a machine after all, but can I just say; this is harder than dead lifting! The dumbbells weren’t as heavy as Jeff wanted to give me, but the heavier ones (except for the really heavy ones) were all being used (oh golly gee, lol). My arms were toast when I left there.This wasn’t all that we did, just all he took pictures of. Last week, Jeff told me I need to get back to doing more upper body work at home. He is correct. I have been a bit lax in that lately. I’ve been lazy a lot lately. I am blaming it on the winter doldrums, but I have to snap out of it. I am slowly but surely. Some days it’s easier than others.

Did you notice those pretty pink shoes? Aren’t they cute? Jeff, had been telling me for a couple of weeks I needed flat shoes to lift in. He said my retired running shoes (which is what I usually use to work out in) didn’t let me sit back on my heels enough. He and my son both said a pair of “chucks” would be just fine. Well, I found me a pretty pink pair. Who says you can’t workout hard, yet still be stylin’? You will see them again. Believe it or not I used them in week 2 of the style challenge.

I hope y’all have had a great weekend! Has the spring weather made it to your neck of the woods yet? Are you ready to get outside and take in some sun and fresh air? I know I am! I certainly need to get some sun….

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