Spring Style Challenge Week 2-Day 6

I see a big difference in this day vs last week

Here we are, starting the modeling session for week two of the Spring Style Challenge selections. This week seemed to get harder as it went on for me, although today was far from easy. I don’t think I was the only one having a hard time. Many of us were dealing with winter temperatures while trying on and modeling clothing we couldn’t wear out of the house yet. This seemed to make it harder. Below is my capsule that I pulled together for week two. There are some items from week 1 and many of these were in what I originally thought my capsule would be. Some were not what I had thought to use, but I decided to go outside of the box one day. At the end of this week I’ll post a collage of the entire capsule. Some things will change as there will be some additions and deletions. I think I will end up with more than items than the assignment called for, but there will be a good bit of mix/match possibilities; which what the focus is on.

This was the style idea for today’s challenge. Still no cropped flare pants in my wardrobe, so I went to plan B again.

This is what I came up with. Like I said it was a hard day. I had to get be ready super early since I’m depending on someone to shoot the pictures. I had an idea for what I wanted to use for the assignment and at the last-minute remembered the mint green blouse and pulled it out to use too. As you can see it looks as if I slept in it. I think I looked like I just jumped out of bed too. That must be what no make-up does for you, and I don’t always wear make-up. Kinda scary now, isn’t it?

I substituted white jeggings for the cropped flares. The jeggings are the Classic 5 pocket jegging by DG2 and came from the Home Shopping Network-HSN. They fit and wear great.  For my colorful top I used a teal lace up sweater. I chose this strictly because of the deep color.  This also came from HSN, it is a line called That Woman by none other than That Girl-Marlo Thomas! How many of you remember that show? Did you know Marlo is 79? Isn’t that crazy? She has just launched her own clothing line focusing on us over 50 ladies. It features items similar to some of the things from the That Girl era, but designed to look and make us 50-ish ladies feel good in our skin. I then decided to use the mint blouse and I actually wore this look last year, and felt comfortable and confident in it. This blouse came from Express, almost two years ago. It is very cool and comfortable.

Next are my accessories (or lack thereof) for today. The shoes were all shown with last weeks looks. The sweater doesn’t call for a necklace because of the lace up detail; they would just compete with each other. I forgot to grab jewelry to use with the mint green blouse but I usually wear gold with it, especially if I’m wearing the shoes with the gold on them. That “bookends” the look. That goes back to-day 4 with the “greenery” color and gold working with it.

I tried the booties with each look, because I often read and hear that wearing shoes that match your pants color can lengthen the look of your leg. I know I could use some help in that area. I wasn’t a big fan of it though. What do you think? The reviews from the group were mixed on the booties with this look, but most seemed to prefer the mint top to the sweater. Since it is a spring look, I do think it says spring better. I would wear the teal sweater on a day that calls for a sweater though.

I think I looked and felt like “something the cat drug in” for the most part in these looks. Maybe I should ask for a “do-over”, lol! I probably should have scrapped this days assignment, but I also think it was a good learning experience. I see a big difference in this day vs last week and it isn’t for the better….

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this days looks, drop me a message. I would enjoy hearing what you have to say.

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