Spring Style Challenge Week 2-Day 9

I just feel downright sassy in the polka dot dress

Day 9-I am so off the mark on this one it isn’t even funny, but I tried to make the most with what I already had to work with. Maybe my imagination had run thin by today (and since I can have quite an imagination…..I just couldn’t think of anything else, so I went classic.

Here was the outfit assignment for today.

Remember my colorful top from the other day, the teal sweater? I could have used that over my dress from the day 1 assignment to try to give it a skirt look, the way I did with tied mens inspired shirt, but it really didn’t work. The color worked well, but other than that it was a disaster. In hindsight I could have photographed it, so that I could point out why it didn’t work, but time wise that wasn’t an option.

After thinking about what I did have, and not wanting to buy something just for the sake of buying, I decided to try two different dresses that I’ve had for a while. I used a floral and a polka-dotted one. I think I must have had that awesome tote bag on the brain, it seems I was channeling my inner Jackie, Lucy, and maybe even Marilyn, LOL.

Honestly the blue polka dot dress is my favorite, of the two. When I saw this I honestly thought of Lucy! I even expressed that to my daughter and daughter in law (we were on a Saturday shopping trip)and I call it my Lucy dress. Both of these were among the first dresses I purchased after reaching my goal weight. The floral one was for Easter that year. In looking at these in a photograph, I think the polka dot one gives me a slimmer look. Especially through the shoulder area, and the wider belt makes for a slimmer looking waist, giving me more of an hourglass appearance.

My body type is a cross between hourglass and rectangle. I don’t completely fit hourglass; which is defined by having a bust and hip measurement being the same with a smaller waist, but is also usually associated with having a large bust. That, I do not have!  The rectangle is defined as having similar measures of bust, waist, and hip.  So I feel that I’m a combination.

The floral dress came from Dress Barn and the shoes from PayLess. The seed pearl set is more than 30 years old. I can’t remember what store “The Man” bought it at, but it was a Christmas gift that year. I remember it was a catalog store like that old “Service Merchandise” store (for those who may remember them).  Back then we had very little money, not that we are “rolling in the dough” now, and three little kids to raise. It was very inexpensive, but more than he really should have spent, and has a lot of sentimental value.

Now I just feel downright sassy in the polka dot dress! It really has that 50’s vibe to me. The one thing I dislike, somewhat, about it is the higher neck. It makes it harder to accessorize. Some of the ladies in the group, suggested not wearing a necklace with either of them; especially pearls with polka dots. I understand their thought process, but I will wear my pearls with it, lol!

The dress came from Charlotte Russe. This store caters mainly to a younger demographic, but there is no reason why those of us who aren’t quite in that group can not shop there also. There may some things that aren’t for us, but I’m reasonably sure there is something that will appeal to and look good on you. I showed you two different shoe options with this one. The Navy sling backs, with a kitten heel are a perfect complement to the style and era of this dress. The came from DSW. The white peep toe pumps are from PayLess and work with it too and although I think they look just fine; I prefer the navy ones. The jewelry is from Plunder. The necklace is called Paxton and the bracelet Feather and Pearl; both are sold out and discontinued at this time.What are your thoughts on this days ensembles? Which look is your favorite? Why? What do you think about the pearls; yes or no? One member of the group suggested I try the teal shoes with the polka dots; for a fun twist. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. Do you have any thoughts about that?

Tomorrow will be the last day of this challenge and exercise. I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about what I’ve learned. If you haven’t signed up for Sylvia’s newsletter at www.40plusstyle.com head over and do so. You can also get on the waiting list for the course yourself. I will do a bit of a recap one day next week, using the entire capsule. I don’t know what day though; I have a lot of other things to share with you before then! So stay tuned!

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