I Won the Lottery

I can honestly say I was shocked

You may remember me sharing that I entered the lottery a couple of weeks ago for the Marine Corps Marathon-MCM? Well, I got in! I suppose that means I won the lottery, right? If nothing else it means;  I’m running a marathon in October!!! What was I thinking? I wasn’t. I really didn’t think I would get in. People sometimes enter multiple times before they get selected. Me? First time! What kind of luck is that? My daughter entered and was selected too! At least I won’t be alone. Misery loves company? I have a running goal now? I need my head examined? All of the above?

The emails were supposed to start rolling out at noon on Thursday 3/30. Early in the morning I checked the bank. I knew they would bill the card before sending out the email. Lets face it, if you didn’t have money to pay, they weren’t going to bother. The card had been charged, so I know I was in “unofficially”. In my mind I knew it was a done deal. They don’t charge your card and then reverse it, but unitl I saw that email, it was not official.

At first I was downright giddy, and I can honestly say I was shocked. Then a short time later I had my aha moment. My OMG, what have I done, moment? I have to run a marathon! What was I thinking? I have to train for a marathon; 26.2 miles, that must be completed in 6:30 hours! I clearly wasn’t thinking too clearly. Yes, I have run a marathon. I even finished it in less than 6:30. I crossed that finish line in a whopping 6:29:32!!!! Why of course I can do it in 6:30!

The difference, at least I’m telling myself is when I ran my first and last marathon, I was registered for the half knowing I could upgrade if I trained for it and was ready. And that’s what I did. This time I’m in for the whole enchilada. There is no downgrading, deferring; etc. I am in like Flynn! Oh boy! Sunday Runday is back! It should make for some interesting stories….Stay tuned, it’s about to get real up in here! I suppose I better really look at the calendar and start working on a real training plan; of sorts.

In other news; the subscriber list is still growing. The Facebook page has hit over 300 followers! That’s thanks to you and your support with liking, commenting, and sharing. Maybe a couple of people like what I have to say, now and again. If you haven’t subscribed already, just click follow at the bottom of your screen and get signed up. You can also share the blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I also have an Instagram set up as Grandma2Glamma, but I haven’t set up a link to that yet.  I’m not techie enough to do more than one thing a week, lol, and I’m running a marathon!!

I hope y’all have had a nice weekend. Do you have any exciting news to share? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and tell me what’s going on.

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9 thoughts on “I Won the Lottery”

  1. Wow, go you! There’s time to practice too which will give your good results too. All the best…
    I always opt for a walk NOT run but I admire those who run.

  2. Now I love a good run, but can I just say 26 miles is BANANAS?! I wouldn’t even know how to begin to train for that. I salute you and wish you the best!

    1. Lol! Thank you! Bananas, might be an understatement! I wouldn’t even know how to begin to tell you how to train for it! Just put one foot in front of the other and keep on running! Oh and lots of prayers and self-talk….when you’re breathing hard, the passersby don’t know you’re talking and answering yourself, hahaha.

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