Run Rest Repeat 

Night/Evening runs are always the hardest

This is me. Run Rest Repeat. I started out as an interval runner, before I ever heard the term, I imagine I will always be an interval runner. It works for me. I have some training runs where I push myself to run through several sets of intervals, but I always come back to them. There are elite runners who have won marathons by running intervals. There is no shame in my game!

I ran last night a rare occurrence, running during the week, at night. Night/Evening runs are always the hardest. Why, I don’t know, but they are. My legs usually feel like lead, I have a hard time getting my breathing just right. They are just hard. I should probably do them more often….Fortunately they are short too. I am most definitely a morning runner.

Tuesday is one of my usual yoga nights. I was waffling off and on all day about going or not. When I decided to get ready and go, I signed in to register only to find out there was a sub for the class. Some subs are ok, some I don’t care for so much. Since I decided I wasn’t going to class, I put my pajamas on since I wasn’t planning to go anywhere else. I figured I would have a bit of quiet time to work on the blog and some social media “stuff”.

My daughter came home from work and mentioned going for a short run before the kids got home with their dad. So I actually changed out of my “jams” and into running clothes (I’m impressed)….AND I ran without music! I did set my interval timer and kept it where I moved it to on Sunday. That was a smart decision as overall the run was tough. We only ran a mile but it was a hard one. I know as I get back into a routine it will get better.

Tonight I will do my weight routine. I have been neglecting that for a few weeks too. Jeff, my personal trainer, fusses at me every week about that…I’m sure “The Man” would be happy to see me use some of those weights I just had to buy, lol! Ok, really, he never sees me use them. Since he works nights and is already asleep when I use them at night, he never knows….except that one night I dropped a medicine ball and woke him up…oops! Last week I did start back with a portion of it, so I’m getting there; slowly but surely.

The subscriber list is growing each day, as are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. That’s because you are commenting and sharing my ramblings with your friends. I really do appreciate that. When you take your time to read the blog, and then like and comment on my postings it helps more people to see it, and I guess some of them like what I have to say too….

I hope your week is going well, so far. Let me know what you’ve been up too.

Until the next time


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4 thoughts on “Run Rest Repeat ”

  1. I prefer morning runs too. I have more energy and I’m much more willing to push. In the evenings all I want to do is sit on the sofa and watch tv :). I do convince myself to do some yoga or pilates sometimes.

  2. Hey grandma2glamma; good for you with your interval training. Many may say that interval is more demanding than a constant run, but it is definitely better than not running at all. I use to run a lot, but since I moved to GA into a rather rural area with nothing in the neighborhood to run other than the small subdivision I live in, I resort to walking, running on the treadmill or following DVDs with fitness and strength and get pretty good workouts.
    When I used to run, I did it in the afternoon, early evening; I was never a morning runner. You have lead legs at night, well my legs felt like lead in the morning, as if they were not awake until I had a days work put into them.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. Any exercise is better than none and there are enough people who don’t exercise at all who can look up to you.

    1. Marinka, Thank you, I can see where intervals, may be more demanding than constant running. I admire you for being able to run on the treadmill. I would rather have a root canal.

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