April Style Challenge Hiding your Belly

Bring on the “mom jeans”

This month, in the style workshop, we are learning what to wear or how to wear clothing to hide those lumps, bumps, and jiggly bits that often appear after a certain age. They may be inevitable, but do we want to show them to the world? Do you want to sit around in some super tight “shape wear” all day to hold it all in? Or would you prefer to be comfortable while camouflaging the rest?

Instead of doing a daily showing/modeling of our selections like last month, we are breaking it up some. Many agreed that it would be more manageable and easier for some to participate.

I have shown you pictures and bared my jiggly wiggly bits with you before, in my before and after photos. I do that to show where I was, and that I although I have lost a significant amount of weight and workout regularly, I do not have a perfect body. While I am proud of how far I’ve come, and I am ok with me and my body, I don’t want those lumps and bumps to show in every outfit I wear either.

As we get older, it’s more likely that most of us will not have a perfect body, even if you have never been overweight. At some point you will lose some muscle tone, and your skin loses elasticity. If you have been active and keep it up, you may fare better than some.

This picture was one of the outfits from last months style challenge. You can see the jiggly parts of my belly and loose skin here. These pants are boyfriend jeans from JJill. They are considered mid-rise, but are low enough that they allow my loose skin to pucker over the top of the waist band. The shirt is also fitted around the bottom, which allows that belly puckering to shine.  The idea of the cardigan is to create a look of thirds instead of a 1/2 ratio. It can also help to camouflage the mid section. Because I am holding it open here; you don’t see that. If the pants had a higher rise it wouldn’t be noticeable either. Bring on the “mom jeans”!!! They are making a comeback, you know.

The picture below was taken at the exact three-year date from my before picture, which is yesterdays post: www.grandma2glamma.com/the-post-that-started-it-all I am wearing the same jeans as above, but with a long sleeve t-shirt. You can still see some of the lumps and bumps, but because the shirt isn’t as tight at the bottom, they aren’t quite as noticeable.

In the photos below those jiggly wiggly bits are not noticeable, but they haven’t gone anywhere, and I’m not wearing torture garments underneath.

Here I am wearing my Legging Army leggings. These are very comfortable and not spandex “suck you in, hold you in” fabric. They are in fact rather loose-fitting. They do have a high waist that covers your belly, but does nothing to hold it in. If you would like to check out Legging Army you can do so here: www.leggingarmy.com/#grandma2glamma The top has a high/low hem, although it isn’t noticeable in the picture. Because it’s a tunic type top, it is fuller and skims the body, so it doesn’t cling to the imperfections. The long necklace also helps to create a vertical line.

This dress below is somewhat fitted, but also drapes enough that it skims the body and doesn’t show off the jiggly bits so much. This is without “foundation garments”. If it were more fitted, the look would be completely different. Those “hold ’em in, suck ’em in” things are needed on occasion, but who wants to wear them every day?

This is that same pair of boyfriend jeans, with a looser fitting shirt. I have also used the “half tuck” here and those lumps and bumps are not noticeable. They haven’t gone anywhere, but they are hidden.

I like these jeans, that’s why I have them. They are the only pair I own that have that low of a rise. I usually don’t buy pants with a low-rise, because of the loose skin over hang. I don’t want to walk around feeling like I need to “tuck in my tummy”. This months exercise is good for helping you to learn to work with and style the body you have.

It’s good for me because the lower belly is where I have the most loose, flabby skin. That’s from having three children (one by c-section) and being overweight and stretching it out. Honestly it isn’t as bad as it could be (I am fortunate) but there’s no amount of working out that will be able to help what’s left either, at least not significantly. That doesn’t mean I will not continue to work out. I can still get stronger and tone my muscles, but I don’t have unrealistic expectations either.

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Our next exercise is “how to dress for a weekend away”. Boy this one should be interesting! Remember last months capsule wardrobe idea? Yeah, I have not learned how to make that work to go away yet, lol!

Let me hear from you. Tell me what you think about a “hide your belly” workshop. Is this something that you need to do or learn? What are your tricks?

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? We don’t have any real plans, but I hope to get out and about and into something, lol!

Until the next time


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10 thoughts on “April Style Challenge Hiding your Belly”

  1. My belly over hang looks identical to yours! We call it a muffin top in the UK. I hide it by not wearing unforgiving tight or stretchy tops, and choosing jeans that aren’t too tight to cause the overhang. Those starting at the natural waist are good and not old fashioned if you choose cropped ones and avoid skinnies. Great blog! Gail

    1. Thank you, Gail. We call it muffin top here in the states too. I am in search of a pair of crops that will work for me. I am “very” short and so far I have yet to find a pair that work. Maybe one day….

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