Worst Mani/Pedi Ever 

Do you have something built up in your mind only to get it and be disappointed? I have been saying I need to get a pedicure so bad it wasn’t funny. Thursday night I finally managed to get myself down to the nail salon for a much over due mani/pedi. I should have waited longer!

This was by far the worst experience ever! I left there knowing my manicure was awful. The person started by cutting my nails (which I asked for and was needed) just straight across, not really filing them and when she sent me to wash my hands I noticed not only were they not filed they were pokey, ragged, and jagged and still just straight, no rounding or anything….well I told here she had to fix them (they were rounded when I got there, what would make her think I would be happy with that mess?). Well when I gave up, they were finally rounded acceptably but one hand is shorter than the other ( I was honestly afraid to try to have them “fixed” any further!

I didn’t realize how bad the pedi was until I got home and went to bed. My toe nails were catching on the bed covers! When I checked them I found bits of nail in the cuticle that hadn’t been attended too! I am glad people can’t really see your feet, because after that I got down close to look and found a couple of toe nails aren’t straight and the polish is not even on my one big toe! It started off by the water being almost cold for the pedicure; that should have been my first clue. What made me think it was going to be ok is beyond me….

I have been going to this salon for a couple of years. I don’t usually go in the winter, because lets face it no one is going to see my feet in cold weather! The technicians were all new, except for two that have been there since it opened and one of those is the manager. I had been given a gift certificate for Christmas or I probably would not have gone to that location. The last time I was there I wasn’t happy with the service, but it was nothing like this!

I am not one to gripe and complain, but this was beyond bad. And I have had just a few mani/pedis in my time to compare to and never have I had an experience like this! If you are local it was Nail Trix in Canton. I would NOT recommend you go there! You can bet the farm I never will again!

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Author: Janet Earling-Bencivenni

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14 thoughts on “Worst Mani/Pedi Ever ”

  1. Ugh, Janet, I hate that. You go in for some relaxing “me” time and it’s the polar opposite.

    The site looks great, I have no problem navigating it. I like your social media pop-up you have. Does that just happen as you get further down the page, or does it happen after a certain amount of time? I ask because I’m hesitant to do pop-ups because they can be annoying, but yours didn’t strike me that way.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Amy! I initially set the pop up to come up at the end of the post, but I wasn’t sure if it was working. I reset it today for 45 seconds. I don’t like them much, either. Especially if they pop up as soon as you get on the page!!! That annoys me, big time. I’m glad you didn’t find it annoying. I hope no one else does either.

  2. I find it so hard to choose the right nail salon, I am looking all the time for one but there is always something wrong with it. I’ve started doing my nails myself but toes are really not comfortable to make yourselves so I’m still looking for the one 😉

  3. Ah yes I’ve been there. I emailed them with photos of my gel polish peeling after 2 days and she asked me to go straight back. They took it off and did a much better job. I felt bad because the girl who had done it the first time was then taken off manicures…but maybe she was better suited to massages after all!

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