An Overnight Trip Down The Ocean-Hon

We are “heading downy ocean hon”! This is “Bawlmerese” or Baltimore slang for those who don’t know, lol!

Today was my little Noah’s last day of kindergarten and we are celebrating the end of the school year by going to the beach for an overnighter. Let’s hope this is a good trip. I found out yesterday it is “June Bug” week in Ocean City. Better known as all the seniors have converged (and no I don’t mean senior citizens)!

The “bus” is loaded and ready to go!

 Yes, I really do have a “bus”! Lol.

 This time last year, we bit the bullet and bought this monster. When you have a load of littles to carry around and we often go off on day trips as a family, it makes more sense than taking multiple vehicles. We opted for “just” the twelve passenger over the fifteen so that we would have cargo space behind the seats for luggage and such. The fifteen passenger with cargo room, was just too much, although there have been a few times since that I’ve thought maybe we should have just got it! 

Do you think we have enough stuff for an overnight trip?

 I did pack a bit extra, but I’m hoping to get some photos shot while I’m there. Really there are two adults and two kids. We may need more, lol! 

What do you think of this cute little shift dress? I will be featuring it in a post later about traveling attire. I was asked to write a post about what I wear for traveling. That really made me think. In the past I have usually just thrown something on and jumped in the car. I like to be comfortable when traveling and we usually travel by car unless we absolutely have to fly. I realized I need to up game in regards to my “traveling duds”. I found this cute little dress at Target and felt it would be perfect! I think I might need to get it in other colors! 

Since my internet was down, I did not have a chance to pick last weeks Plunder winner for commenting on the blog and post it yesterday. The winner for last week is: Stella! Stella, email me your address at and I will get your Plunder in the mail. 

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 Until the next time





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8 thoughts on “An Overnight Trip Down The Ocean-Hon”

  1. I love traveling in a dress. Much more comfortable. Your dress and sandals look great for travel and also for stopping to sight-see, etc.

  2. Hi Janet. Thought I’d pop over and say hi and see what you are up to. I’m from your F50 group. June 24 is my guess. I travel in leggings mostly. Planes are cold and I don’t like looser trousers trailing toilet floors. Sorry to be basic but practical and comfortable are primary to me. Still leggings can be dressed up.

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