Simple Pleasure Thursday 6/15

Hello! How are y’all today? It’s time for another Simple Pleasure Thursday!

My simple pleasure this week is enjoying my first cup of coffee in the morning, sitting alone, while the house is still quiet! Waking up, just sitting in the quiet with that first cup. I just sit and meditate, reflect, turn the news on low (not always the best choice) and enjoy the warmth of that cup in my hand.

I drink two cups every morning. Other than that I’m a water drinker. If we go out to breakfast I will get coffee too, but other than the morning, I am not a regular coffee drinker.

Sometimes I take it for granted. I certainly realized how much I enjoy a “good” cup of coffee in the morning, while I was away yesterday. I was quite excited to learn that the hotel offered complimentary coffee all day. That was until yesterday morning when I woke up. I went down and poured a cup of mud….the night person apparently didn’t drink coffee or make it…I went back an hour later (because I just had to) and the same coffee was still sitting there 😳. I had to wait until we went for breakfast to get a cup. And I enjoyed every sip!

I actually have a travel coffee pot that I bought to take when I know I won’t be able to get coffee when I get up (we are early risers) and if I’m traveling for a race I have to time my rising, eating, and such for the race start. I didn’t take it, since it was just an overnight trip….

After breakfast, where I tried to make a healthy choice, we headed to the boardwalk. The view for the morning certainly did help make up for the poor coffee start.

Now this view every morning, while drinking coffee, might just be perfect! What do you think?

What is your simple pleasure for this week? Leave a message and let me know.

I’ll be telling you about my trip soon!

Until the next time


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Author: Janet Earling-Bencivenni

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4 thoughts on “ Simple Pleasure Thursday 6/15”

  1. My simple pleasure is to write a complete story in my blog. Everyday I remain too busy with my research that I find it very difficult to write due to scarcity of time. Yet just before going to bed, I write a part of each story that I publish in my blog. It’s the time that I enjoy the most.

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