Out of Whack

Hi y’all! I Just wanted to check in and say hi! I’ve not been writing the past few days (could you tell). For the past week and a half I have been all out of whack! Now you might think I’m always out of whack, and you could be right, lol, but I’m talking about my “routine”.

I am truly a creature of habit. I like having a routine, for the most part. I wonder if it’s because I’m getting “older” lol!

My writing schedule is off. I was able to post last week, thanks to writing ahead. My exercise schedule is off, but maybe the break was good. Father’s Day tends to get me a little depressed too, but it’s time to snap back!

The grand littles are out of school so there is no “regular” morning routine. Noah, has wanted me to “sit” with him all day…I think he’s more bored not being in school than he thought he’d be.

I enjoyed my overnighter to the ocean last week, and hope to tell you more about that. I still need to do the drawing for last weeks Plunder winner, and the winner of the June Plunder Posse. Wednesday the 14th was my birthday (couple of you were close with your guesses)! I will get that done and notify the winners, before it’s time to draw for this week!

My routine with Jeff was off because of that, and because the Saturday before he had to attend his brothers high school graduation. We made that session up last Monday, but because I was away I missed yoga on Tuesday and missed my regular Wednesday with Jeff, then this past Saturday he had his first ever powerlifting meet! He took second place in his age/weight class! Congratulations to him!

I will be getting back to regular posting this week. I have a lot to tell you. I have been working on an important life decision and I think I’m about ready to “spill the beans”. Jeff, has been encouraging this adventure. And, if that wasn’t enough, I’ve gone an gotten myself into another race!!! Wait until you hear about that! Even Jeff doesn’t know that yet….he may have me committed. I just need to make sure I’m not biting off more than I can chew.

Until the next time




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