Simple/Guilty Pleasure Thursday 6/22

Hello! It’s time for Simple/Guilty Pleasure Thursday again! This week I have (what I will call) a guilty pleasure. It’s a game! Yes, a game. I play Candy Crush!

Really, I do! I started playing it on a whim a few years ago and was hooked immediately! I don’t play it as frequently as I did in the beginning, but there’s rarely a day that I don’t play for a few minutes.

I also play Words With Friends and right now I have games going with four people! In my mind, it keeps my mind active, lol! I only devote a few minutes of my day to them, but I must admit, I do enjoy just zoning out for a few minutes and playing.

Do you play either of these games? Are you caught up in any of those “Facebook” games? These are the only ones I play, though I get requests daily from “friends” trying to get me caught up in their games. Sorry, guys, I have enough to keep up with!!! It seems some folks do nothing but play games all day. I wish I had that much time on my hands, lol!

What is your simple/guilty pleasure for this week? Take a minute and share with us!

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