Simple Pleasure Thursday 6/29

I’ve been MIA a little bit this week. Things have been a bit crazy, as I’ve been trying to help organize the half marathon and marathon run for Sgt Eric Houck in October. If you missed that post you can read it here

This week I have a simple pleasure; lightning bugs AKA fireflies. Do you have them where you are? What do you call them?

I saw my first one last week. When I see them I really feel like it’s summer. My son sent me this picture a couple of weeks back, when he first saw one. I haven’t been outside late enough to see them sooner, lol. They have fascinated me since I was a little girl. I love sitting on the porch watching them fly around and light up.

We also have a bat that flits around at night. It’s interesting to watch, but I must admit it scares me a bit too…mainly because you always hear about bats and rabies, other than that it doesn’t bother me.

Then there’s the squirrels that “The Man” took to feeding this last winter. Honestly, they now come and stand in front of the door looking for peanuts! He and the littles have named them Petey! I’m seriously waiting for them to actually knock on the door one day! With all the critters you’d think we lived country.

What is your simple pleasure this week? Comment and let me know!

I do have a lot to share with you and will be back to a regular posting schedule soon. “The Man” is on vacation next week, so either I will be writing to stay sane or busy, lol!

Until the next time


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