A Change of Schedule

I’m sure we’ll get settled into a regular routine soon

You may or may not have noticed I was missing for most of last week and didn’t have much in the way of blog posts. Life got really busy and writing was not happening, at all, lol!

Wednesday my grand little Lessa came back along with Baby Caterina AKA Baby Sunshine, I first introduced “Baby Sunshine” to you here (Noah and Miss Quinn gave her that name). When asked what they thought the new baby’s name should be, Noah said he wanted her named Sunshine. It has stuck as a nickname, at least for now.

It was a week of re-adjusting along with adjusting to a new old schedule, having a newborn to care for again, and to Lessa’s new attitude ­čś│, in regards to her sister, lol. She is also getting into the groove of the “terrible twos”, add baby Sunshine to her world, and that she and Miss Quinn sometimes get along like “two cats on the back fence”; let’s just say it made for some interesting times! We had a couple of “practice” runs for a few hours here and there, but it’s not the same.

If that wasn’t enough, Caterina is breastfed and had not had many bottles, since she came home for the hospital (during her stay there they bottle fed her as they were supplementing her with formula for a time and measuring the amount she ate). Moms, if you nurse your babies (and I applaud you for doing that) but you are going to work outside the home, please, please, please, start giving your babies a bottle well before going back to work. It will make their transition easier and help your caregiver too! Day one was quite a challenge, getting her to eat. By Friday she was eating much easier and close to a “normal” amount of milk. Fortunately, this wasn’t my first rodeo, with bottle feeding a breast-fed baby but, with that said, all babies are different and transition differently. So PLEASE help your babies and their caregivers; start letting dad, grandma, or even you start giving them bottles before you return to work. Set them all up for success. I can not stress that enough!

We made it through and now we are starting our first full week. I’m sure we will get settled into a regular routine soon, and things will settle down; just in time for school to start back for Noah and Miss Quinn, lol!┬áMiss Quinn, is much more accepting of Sunshine than she was/is of Lessa though. Why, I’m not quite sure. She has never gotten over the jealousy with Lessa, so maybe it’s just that the baby isn’t able to “mess with her stuff”, yet.

Aside from that, I have had a lot going on and plenty to write and tell you about, including some product reviews, and other goings on. It looks like I better get to writing, lol! I see I may need to change my writing schedule and learn to write at night (like my friend Tania) to get it done, and probably should have seen that coming and transitioned myself before now….what do they say; hindsight is 20/20? Lol, it is true as I’m sure we all have experienced, at some point.

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