Wednesday Weightlifting Workout 

and a new athletic top

I was recently given the opportunity to review a new athletic top, courtesy of Tenáz Athletics. Tenáz means tenacious in Spanish. The mission for Tenáz Athletics is: “to inspire in women a tenacity for staying fit and healthy regardless of age, fitness level, body type, or other perceived obstacles.”

These tops are stylish, made in the USA, and great for everyone, but are designed with women of a “certain age” in mind. The mesh 3/4 sleeves are breathable, provide the right amount of coverage to allow you to feel comfortable, and look toned especially if you are dealing with loose skin or “bat wings”, but they aren’t constricting. Who needs that when working out?

I met Jacqui, the owner, through the Fierce 50 Revolution. She is a fellow powerlifter, runner, and yogi. Come to find out she is also from the town where “The Man” grew up and they went to high school together! What a small world!

I knew I was going to put this top through “the paces”. As much as I like to look stylish when working out, my clothing also has to function well for the level of activity I do, so for the past two weeks I have worn it for yoga and to my training sessions with Jeff. I have not worn it for my runs. It has been way too hot and humid and there was no way I was going to wear a black shirt, out to run, in the heat and humidity we have right now. I couldn’t even get past the thought. Honestly, Jeff even thought I had finally lost it when I wore it to the gym!

A few weeks ago I shared my new dead lift PR of 175 lbs!  Did I tell you Jeff thinks I’ll be at 200 or more by the end of the year? We shall see! Last Wednesday, Jeff decided we needed to work on speed….we started off with box squats to get warmed up. For those we used the SS Yoke Bar that I told you about here. After the week before, I never wanted to see another squat. I think we did half a million trying to perfect my form. Jeff, videoed that session, but accidentally deleted the video before sending it to me or I would have shared that with you too.

Once warmed up we proceeded to pick up the heavy stuff! Since the drill was to lift fast, we started with 115 pounds for 5 reps. We then moved up to 135 pounds for 5 reps. Finally we moved on up to the final weight of the day 155 pounds. Jeff proceeded to tell me the goal was 5 reps for 3 sets 😳 What?

Had he forgotten what happened back in May when he wanted me to lift 155 for 3 reps? I haven’t! That week started out much like last week. We worked our way up to the 155. I set up, picked it up and put it down; only to hear “what are doing”? Huh? What do you mean? I picked it up and put it down. Isn’t that what I was supposed to do? Uh, yes, but “I wanted 3”. What? “Yep”. Are you crazy? “You can do it”. I’m not so sure. “Yes, you can”. Well I proceeded to pick it up again, one, two, plus the previous one makes three. Right? At least by my math…..And I damn near hurled! OMG! I am dead serious!

I still don’t know if it was what I ate before going, the new belt (and it was the first time I used it) that wasn’t broken in so it was super stiff, or what. All I can say is it almost wasn’t pretty! Well apparently one, take a pause and add one, and then one more did not make three. Jeff, must use “new math”, lol! Jeff wanted 1, 2, 3….boom. How was I going to do that? Thinking about it made me want to hurl…but I walked it out, re grouped, stared that bar down, fussed and cussed, then gave Jeff the evil eye….and proceeded to try again. 1, 2, 3….I got it! It wasn’t easy, but I got it. So technically that week I lifted it six times. Now I realize that’s the “old math” way of counting, but….

So now he wants 155 for 5 reps times 3 sets 😳 oh boy! Could I do it? Well here is the video of the first set. One down. It was much easier than the last time, and I didn’t almost hurl….that’s something, but….Did I have two more in me?

I went for number two and nailed it! One more to go. Could I do it? I wasn’t so sure. Then what did Jeff do? Proceeds to tell me he had the video and the post ready to post on Facebook, all he had to do was hit post when I put the last one down, that, and the entire gym was waiting for me to get it! Pressure much? I think he knows me too well….

Yes, I did!!!!!! Tenacity? Maybe it was the shirt!

If this wasn’t enough for one day, we had to do something new at the end. Squats in a new torture contraption called the Smith Machine. This video was the easy part, and I look like I’m dying! At the end I had to squat and hold it until he told me to come up! Holy quads, hamstrings, and glute burn, batman!

My Tenáz top performed great through all of this. It wasn’t too tight or constricting and it didn’t ride up during my activity. They are moisture wicking, but I will say that the sleeves are too much (for me) this time of year. With it being almost 100 degrees out and my own personal summer moments, going on (ladies you know what I mean), I believe I will save it for spring and fall. Maybe it was also because the one I got is all black. They are available in white with black sleeves and contrasting stitching in teal, purple, or black, that was my first choice but they were sold out in my size.

They are available in two styles the scoop neck one that has a racer back. That is the style I chose, or a v-neck which has a regular back. I was torn, over which to get, but prefer the racer back tanks so I went with that style. It really is just a matter of preference and the amount of coverage you want.

See that spot I circled above? The logo. Jeff, said I need to wear this top every squat day, because the logo is right at my “sweet spot” where I need to place the bar for my best squats!

Tenáz Athletic Tops are very affordable and comparable in price with other well-known athletic wear companies. The difference is you are supporting a small woman owned business and buying a product Made in the USA! You are also buying from an athlete that knows what it takes and the importance of having good fitting athletic wear, that will perform for what ever level of activity you are at. Right now you can receive 30 % off your purchase with the code FRIEND30 and shipping and returns are free! So head over and check them out. You can also follow Tenáz on Facebook by clicking here.

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Disclaimer: Although this Tenáz Athletic top was provided to me for review, the opinions, thoughts, and review are my own words.

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Author: Janet Earling-Bencivenni

I am a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger, SAHGMa, Marathoner, and PowerLifter; sharing my journey of weight loss, fitness, fashion, and finding myself after 50. My hope is to help, encourage, and inspire others along their journey. I am here to tell you being 50 is indeed FIERCE!!!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weightlifting Workout ”

  1. Hi, Janet!

    Saw this on Pinterest and had to head over to get your opinion on the safety squat bar. I hear it can be a bit unwieldy at first, but I’ve never tried it. I see you like it for deadlift days, which makes a lot of sense!

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, you are a beast! So proud of you. Seems you’re moving right along with the strength training. I think you’ve found a pot of gold in Jeff. You are very fortunate to have a trainer like him. Seems he knows what you can and can’t handle, even if you doubt him. 😉 .

    Oh, and that shirt…love it! I would definitely wear that. Love the sheer sleeves and full torso coverage.

    Love seeing your lifting progress, Janet! You are an inspiration and very motivating! <3

    1. Thanks a bunch Amy, hope you’re doing well! A beast? lol. More like a bear this week (but that’s another story)…

      The safety squat bar is VERY different and unwieldy describes it well. It’s not so bad once you get your bearings with it and it helps a lot with box squats, and definitely reduces arm fatigue on deadlift days.

      Now you know we can’t let Jeff know we think he’s great, LOL!!!! But, yes, I think I’ll keep him.

      Glad you like the shirt. It is pretty awesome. The coverage is great, and I know many ladies can be intimidated by loose skin, so it is perfect.

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