Thursday Simple Pleasures 7/20

It’s Thursday! What does that mean? It’s almost Friday and the weekend? Well, that too, but, it’s time for our Simple Pleasures!!

This week my simple pleasure is fresh homegrown tomatoes and tomato sandwiches.

We enjoy going to the Baltimore Farmers Market every year. It is open from April thru December. I like going the first week it opens, just because, but we don’t usually go often the first few weeks because there isn’t much produce. There are a lot of plants and such, but those plants are much better off if I leave them there, lol!

A couple of weekends ago we went and I got some great tomatoes! I ate tomato sandwiches for lunch every day the following week! They were so delicious! Such a simple thing, but oh soooooo good! Do you enjoy fresh grown tomato sandwiches? What do you put on yours? I like just a bit of mayo and a little S&P. Sometimes I’ll make a BLT but when I want a tomato sandwich, I really just want tomatoes, lol!

I don’t know about where you live but folks here in Maryland swear Maryland tomatoes are better than any other. Ironically folks from New Jersey (where “The Man” is from) will tell you the same thing! I agree and disagree with them all, lol! I have had tomatoes grown Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Canada, and South Dakota. They are all absolutely great! But I will say this, they were all “homegrown, vine ripened” tomatoes. Tomatoes bought at farm stands or farmers markets; not tomatoes bought at the grocery store, that are half green looking or pinkish. That is the key. There is nothing like a tomato picked ripe from the vine, grown in nutrient rich soil!

I usually buy from the same farmers each year, although My M.O. is to walk through the entire market when I arrive. I do this to see what is available, and the cost. I then walk back through and make my purchases based on availability and sometimes cost, but cost is not the deciding factor. The overall quality and freshness that day is. Then I make my purchases. I then often cris cross the market making my purchases so that I purchase the heaviest items on my out. We often take a wagon with us if planning on making a lot of purchases.

This photo is from five years ago. Wasn’t Noah so cute chasing down his wagon?

Noah enjoyed riding and eating our purchases!

Are you fortunate to have farmers markets? What are some of your favorite finds? What is your simple pleasure for this week?

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  1. Always get good quality and interesting produce at farmers markets in the UK too. It’s my simple pleasure too when they are on.

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