Not Going Down Without a Fight

I started my new skin care regimen

I hope y’all had a great weekend! Last week was crazy here! Add to that the heat. It was wicked! The weekend wasn’t any better! This is the longest stretch of incessant heat I remember in a while. We get a day or two here and there but this has been couple week stretch with no break. When I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30, to go to the #saturday7amsocialclub AKA WW, it was 84 degrees out. It was really too hot to be out, last week, if you didn’t need to be. I’m not sure what, if anything, I even accomplished last week. Do you ever those weeks? The only thing we did over the weekend was grocery shopping and went out to dinner Saturday night.

This week is still hot, but the temps are back in a “normal” range.

I did survive a FULL week with the “babies” back (the first week back they were only here for three days) AND they survived too, I guess that’s something, lol! It’s the little things!

I started my new skin care routine on Friday, July 14th. Do you have a “regular” or “specific” skin care regimen that you follow? Tell us about it. Last month I told you about my “make-over” here and that I was thinking of trying “Lash Boost” from Rodan + Fields. There was such a great special and sign on incentive that I couldn’t pass it up.

Here is a selfie I took on Friday the 14th before I used the products for the first time. No make up, just “me”! Ok, I don’t “do make up” a lot, so you might see “just me” more often than not. Sometimes it’s because I “fiddle around” too much in the morning and don’t have time to put it on, lol!

This was at night. Since the product arrived that day, I was excited to get started and used them right away! After taking the “Solutions Tool” I chose the Redefine regimen to accompany my Lash Boost. You can certainly just buy Lash Boost if that is what you want. Last month there was an extra discount for purchasing a regimen and Lash Boost together. I’m about saving as much as possible, so of course I did that!

As you can see my bottom lashes are practically non-existent.

I’m not going to win any selfie awards, for sure, lol!

Below is the morning of Friday, July 21st, the end of week 1. I want to think I see some difference in my lashes but I really think it’s too soon to really tell!

This may be a little easier for comparison.

I do believe I see some firming of my skin, which is a little surprising. I thought my skin was pretty toned/firmed. I have long tried to “take care” of my skin. I have had a habit (?) of switching out products for summer and winter. It seems my skin has different needs in different seasons. Do you find that? That’s a good thing with Rodan+Fields, there are different regimens to choose from, so it will be easy to change, if I need to, and still use the same line.

Are you a current Rodan+Fields customer? If so, please share your results. Are you new to Rodan+Fields. is this the first you’ve heard of the company and line? They are not a super new company, the skin care line has been around for a few years. Rodan+Fields was developed by the same dermatologists that developed the acne line ProActiv. I know everyone has heard of that! It has only been the past few years that R+F has become a home based business.

With the results I’ve seen from others using Lash Boost, I’m confident this will work and I’m so excited to see my “new lashes” that I’m going to share the journey with you each week. Some people see results in a few weeks, but realistically it can take a couple of months.

Have you seen or heard of Rodan+Fields, but weren’t sure how to purchase or get started? There are three ways to get started.

Are you a traveler? Just last week we released these adorable travel size, TSA approved versions of R+F regimens.

You can get them free right now by ordering your favorite full-sized regimen along with an Active Hydration Serum! To sweeten the deal, since today is July 25th. let’s have a “Christmas in July” special!!!

if you sign up as a PC from now through the end of July, I will personally reimburse you your sign-up fee of $19.95! That’s right, I’ll mail you a check for your $19.95 back. So not only  will you get a product discount of 10% off all products and free shipping; you will get your sign up fee back! The only thing better than that would be to become a consultant and save 25%!

Don’t know what regimen is right for you? Just go to my website and click “take the solutions tool”. That will take you through a series of questions and recommend the regimen you need. R+F offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! If you have any questions or need help sighing up, email me at I’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Interested in becoming a consultant but aren’t sure if this is right for you? And it isn’t for everyone, there is a Zoom opportunity call every Wednesday night at 9pm EST (Zoom is a free app that you can download to your phone or computer) then hit “join a meeting” and put in 736 578 7052. There is no obligation and you can “hide” and remain anonymous. If you are even slightly interested in making a few extra bucks, maybe eventually quitting your current job to stay home with your littles, or just retire; hop on the call and see if this is right for you! Of course if you just want great skin care to help fight the signs of aging, you can still hop on the call or just order.

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Until the next time


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