There’s a New Game in Town

Do you follow the crowd or blaze your own trail? When something new comes to town do you rush out to see what all the fuss is about or wait?

We usually wait a bit to let the craziness die down and to hear some feedback. This is an especially good idea if food is involved! Of course, when something is new they will also put their best foot forward.

A couple of weeks ago a new donut shop opened in town. Duck Donuts.

Have you heard of them? Do you have them in your town? Have you been there?

What is Duck Donuts?

Well a donut shop, of course, lol! I bet the name gave that away, haha. But what makes them noteworthy? Are they worthy of the hype? We/I decided to find out.

We had never heard of them until they opened up a few weeks ago near one of the local malls. Jeff, my trainer (of all people), told me about them, lol! He went there the day they opened….Maybe he was thinking if he turned me on to them it would be job security, hahaha!

We didn’t set out to go there. But Sunday morning “The Man” decided he (needed) to go to the hardware store…why, who knows. We didn’t “need” anything from there. It dawned on me as we were driving over that we would by the donut shop, so why not check it out?

At Duck Donuts they make your donuts to order. That’s right you go in grab an order form and choose your poison…

They even have a sign to instruct you in how to order.

Not feeling adventurous or creative? Too many choices? They had a suggestion for you.

Need more inspiration or ideas? As if there weren’t enough choices, they a sign with some more.

All of the donuts start with the same base. There is only one “type” of donut. A fried circle of deliciousness.

This is a larger version of the mini donut machines you might find at flea markets, farmers markets, fairs, and such.

Then comes the toppings. This is where “made to order” comes in.

The donuts are made fresh and not topped until you order them. You tell them how you want it, and they make it!

Our finished product. They do look yummy, but are they? Will they live up to the hype?

I will say without a doubt these are not WW point friendly 😳! And no, I did not even try to figure it out….some days you just enjoy and FFMO; Forgive, Forget, Move, On

The Duck Donut, creed, mission statement?

Did they live up to this?

Overall they did. The place was clean, although a tad messy; which is to be expected when so busy. There was a line to the door when we arrived and still that long when we left, but it moved right along. The staff was friendly, helpful and patient with everyone. They girl topping our donuts saw my phone out and asked if I wanted to take a photo before she covered them (one might think they are used to that happening). The customers were waiting patiently, some were repeat customers others, like us, new and curious.

The price was fair, a bit more than the other popular chain with the same initials (DD) but not significantly.

But I bet you’re really wondering if the donuts were good!

Yes, they were. They were hot and scrumptious. We brought them home, which is about 8 miles away (good thing), made a couple of stops on the way, and they were still a bit warm when we arrived and ate them. I will say I found them extremely sweet, which was likely due to the toppings we chose. I am not a fan of overly sweet donuts. Even being from the south I do not care for Krispy Kreme’s because they are so sweet. I prefer the other DD shop because they aren’t as sweet, IMO. If you need to get your “sugar fix” in though, this will do it!

Will we go back?

Most likely, yes. Not often, it’s not convenient or worth it to just drive over there for a donut or two, but if we are close by for other shopping we will stop in on occasion. For a treat. I am curious to try a more plain version and see what I think.

After this little indulgence, experience, experiment? I am back on my regularly scheduled healthy eating routine.

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Oh, and we never made it to the hardware store, lol. We found the donut shop first and “The Man” decided to head on home; even though we made those few other stops first.

Until the next time


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