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July was a crazy month! A good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. The weather was the hottest I can remember for such a long stretch. I hit some new milestones with my weight lifting (more to come). It was busy with Plunder and the Christmas in July specials along with the sign up incentive; then I decided it was time to get on board and sign up with Rodan + Fields. Somedays I wasn’t sure if I was coming, going, or meeting myself in the middle! But it is all good!

Since I have been telling people about my businesses and promoting them; I have had a couple of people ask recently “Why have you gone into direct sales” or started with a particular company? “Aren’t these things just a scheme”? Maybe some are. I’m sure there are still some sketchy organizations out there. The companies I am involved with are not. But why? Well, why not?

These types of businesses have been around forever; for example the first two that come to mind are Avon and Mary Kay and no one bats an eyelash about purchasing from them. Yes, these are the same types of companies and there’s nothing wrong with them, whether you are a customer or a consultant/business owner.

For those who don’t know my story; I left my last job, of eight years, almost six years ago to take care of my new grandson; baby Noah. That was scary. It was not an easy decision on many fronts and very easy in others. I not only gave up a paycheck (which is never easy whether you “need” it or not). I also gave up grown-up socialization and interaction. I often think of myself as an introvert, but I’m not sure that is completely accurate. I need to be with people at times.

That little boy I left that job for (it was a good move) has now started school full-time. And his sister who came along two years later is on her way. More littles have come along since, for me to take care of, and in another five or six years they too will be “off to school”. I will no longer have that purpose. BUT I will be older than I am now, approaching 60!!!! After essentially raising a second family, Do I want to go out and look for another job? Work for someone else after all that time? NO!!! On top of that “The Man” will approaching “retirement” age (heaven help me, maybe I should rethink this, lol). So now seemed the perfect time to start working for me. I have time to work and grow my businesses so that when I no longer have the littles to take care I will not be starting from scratch! If I want to pack up and go somewhere, I can work from anywhere there is internet. I can choose to work when I want from where I want. I won’t need to work on someone else’s time schedule. I won’t need to put in a request and get “permission” to take a few days off!

Now when I started out my first train of thought was to get the products I purchased and use at the best price possible. I knew about the business opportunity of course but that wasn’t my first thought. As time went by it just made sense. Maybe you are on the fence? If so, I’d say go for it! If you purchase and use the product you really don’t have anything to lose.

I am building my businesses with three companies.

Legging Army, which I haven’t mentioned in a few months (it’s summer and while folks are still buying leggings my brain hasn’t been able to wrap my head around that in this heat). We have come out with a new line of maxi skirts, that I will be showing you here soon. In the meantime you can go to the website and click shop, then skirts and shorts to see them. Last night there was a new restock, so you’ll need to hurry to get the best selection! It’s crazy how fast they fly off the shelves!

Plunder, has been such a blessing. I have met and made some new friends and Plunder sisters that I hope to meet in person soon. The sisterhood of Plunder is like no other I’ve ever seen. For those who don’t know, Plunder is a Christian based company, woman owned and debt free. You can go to the website, click on “our story” and read about our founder Hillary and the company. I think the story will inspire you. I feel I was lead to to Plunder for a reason. I’m not completely sure why, but I know there is a reason; beyond jewelry, beyond the business.

Rodan+Fields, has a sisterhood that’s right up there with Plunder. I am looking forward to making new friends there too! I’ve told you about Lash Boost which is what drew my interest to R+F but the skin care is bar none the best I’ve tried, and I’ve been using skin care products for quite a while!

This is a lot to take on, in a short period of time, but like I said; I have time to work and grow and set myself up for the next chapter/season of my life.

If you’ve been thinking of going into business for yourself, getting the best possible price for products you love, or just having a bit of a hobby, and think one of these companies would be a good fit for you; email me at grandma2glamma@gmail.com. If you want to know more about the Rodan+Fields business you can join me on a FREE zoom call tonight at 9pm EST. Zoom is a free app that you can put on your device then just dial in at 9pm with the number 736 578 7052 and hit “join a meeting”. You can just listen in or ask any questions you may have!

This bracelet was part of the April Plunder Posse. I think it came at the right time for me! That’s what I’m doing! If you don’t know, the Plunder Posse is a subscription much like Ipsy, Glam Box, Graze, and such. For $25 per month (tax and shipping included) you receive 1-3 pieces of jewelry. There are no minimums, you can cancel and restart any time. If you have any questions, email or message me.

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  1. Another great post! Can totally relate to wanting more adult interaction (I work with kids too). I recently started with a direct sales company too, and it really is nice to connect with a group of women like that! And your word choice “sisterhood” is spot on! You are a go getter! You inspire me! It sounds like you are connected with some amazing lines and great people!

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