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This week is out of sync. Since we are planning on taking the grand littles back to school shopping, in Pennsylvania, Saturday I have altered my workout schedule for this week. “The Man” will likely want to leave earlier than we need to, so I won’t have my regular session with Jeff and will likely miss the #saturday7amsocialclub! Altering my schedule with Jeff means I will have six straight workout days, before a rest day! Boy, I hope I can survive it!

The last time I altered my schedule was three weeks ago. Not intentionally, but at the last-minute I had to miss my Wednesday workout. So come Saturday, which is arm day, I was not prepared for Jeff to decide we were going to work arms AND legs to make-up for missing a day…Since we usually only work arms on Saturday I don’t wear my lifting shoes, so we almost didn’t lift, but I suggested lifting barefooted and Jeff agreed. I must be a glutton for punishment!! Remind me why I do this?

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when I told I hit a new deadlift PR of 175 pounds? I told you then it was “almost” the amount I weighed when I started my weight loss journey more than three years ago. The significance didn’t hit me until afterward. I knew I had to keep working.

Well once we got into the lifting phase of this altered work out, Jeff, said we wouldn’t go for weight but volume….unless I wanted to, but we had already done a lot of work with squats and bench pressing. Now what do you think I did? He’s going to give me a choice between repping weights or hitting a new PR….This girl was going for it! Because that carrot was still dangling in front of my nose. My exact words to him were: let’s go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? I won’t get it? Wouldn’t be the first time. When I first went for 175 (earlier in the year) I wasn’t ready and I didn’t even know exactly what was on the bar. I took a potty break (it happens at my age, lol) and when I came back Jeff had added weight. I knew he had, but wasn’t sure exactly how much. I had tried to calculate it in my head, but hadn’t and I really think I just went for it too fast and wasn’t prepared for it.

We racked up 185 and I stared it down and literally walked back and forth, stalking it; for what seemed like forever. I was mentally getting myself ready. Then I went for it!

And I got it! A new PR!!! I knew once I pulled off the floor it was coming up! I have officially lifted more weight than my heaviest weight!!!! I was laughing and crying at the same time! Jeff and my son both said it looked easy. I’m not sure I would go that far, lol, but that two hundred may not seem so far-fetched after all.

If this wasn’t enough when I went in the following Wednesday Jeff had some crazy ideas. Since the weather was nice, after some warm ups with squats on that Smith Machine I showed you then a few traditional squats, we took our work out outside this is what he concocted:

After about ten of these Jeff had the brilliant idea that he would sit on the tire and have me lift it. I budged it some, but wasn’t able to fully get it up. Something to aim for the next time! Maybe.

This is why Jeff has said the weight I have gained back is muscle. He says I  can’t lift that amount of weight without getting stronger and I can’t get stronger without adding muscle….yada yada. Yes, I know but I still do not have to like it! This is the hardest part to wrap my head around. If you have any tips or hints on how to do that, please share!

Apparently I have gained or built my arm muscles. When “The Man” I went shopping this past weekend, I was trying on long-sleeved blouses. They fit my body and not my arms….first world/weightlifter problems? This did not so anything to help my thoughts about adding weight though.

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