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Boy this has been one of those weeks and it’s only Tuesday! I guess it’s a continuation from last week, which was crazy. Not only was it a full moon then; and the littles were off the charts, they are on their way to repeating it! Next week is the lunar eclipse; does that affect moods and such like the full moon. If so that explains a lot.

Maybe I should ask my long time friend Robert; astronomer extraordinaire. Robert is a childhood friend (elementary school age) who has been interested in space and astronomy for as long as I can remember. He does some fascinating work on the subject (much over my head, but I enjoy reading about it).

Today I am going to share another one of the Style Club challenges from June: print/pattern mixing. Some people sure do seem to have a talent for it. Do  you? I’m not very confident with it, but I decided to give it a whirl. Since it was a summer style challenge, I went with a very casual, pretty much what I try to make a daily look for me; hanging out with the littles. I feel like I can run if I need to. I am not too dressed up (or even dressed up for that matter), but not scruffy either. I spent many days being scruffy when I was heavier. Today could almost be described as that, as I chose not to wear make up or “do” my hair, and am wearing just comfortable joggers and a tee….I am a firm believer in letting your self go without makeup or styling products on occasion. Let your hair and skin breathe.

I don’t think it was horrible and it did receive good reviews, not only in the group but on Instagram. Someone pointed out, in the group, that everything I wear is neatly pressed…well duh, lol. Do people not iron anymore? I admit I have things I don’t but if it needs it, it gets it!

Here is a collage of what I came up with.

The top is new this year from Old Navy. It was the color that drew me to it. My daughter calls this my “signature color” I am starting to agree with her. Heck, many years ago I painted my living room this color. As you can see that has been changed, but I would do it again…..the shorts are from Old Navy too, from last summer.

Here is a close up of the patterns.


Here is the entire ensemble.

The sandals have been my favorite for this summer; Vince Camutos, from HSN. I really do love them, but have to admit they are not the best shoes if you are going to be walking or standing all day, as they do not have much support. The sun glasses (which look huge on me) are one of the pairs I purchased after my ocean trip and that accident with my one pair….They are just fun, and different and work for me. The necklace is a retired Plunder piece but the colors worked well with this outfit and the design worked back to the pattern in the top. The bracelets are Plunder also. These are called the “bling” bracelets, they are magnetic and so easy to put on. They are perfect for those with dexterity problems. The black one is called Ezra and the peachy one is called Kayson. These are fast becoming some of my favorites. They are available along with several others in this style. To order yours, go to: and select any party with my name it.

Let us know what you think of patter and print mixing. Do you do it or is it out of your comfort zone?

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Until the next time


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