Weightloss/Workout Wednesday-Body Stigma

How do you overcome it

Well, it’s Wednesday, we have made it the half way point of this week☺️, and life with the littles continues….our weekend shopping trip to Lancaster was a success. I think we were able to get the littles outfitted and ready to start school. It won’t be long before they will need some fall/winter wear though, there wasn’t much of a selection out yet. Oh shucks more shopping, lol.

There is just something exciting about back to school shopping. Since my Yoga Teacher Training starts three weeks from this coming Friday, I feel like I need to do some shopping too, lol!

Before heading out on our shopping adventure I made it to the weekly meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub. It was a great meeting, as usual, but this week was exceptionally good. We even went over by more than 15 minutes, that never happens.

Part of the topic was about stigma. Mainly body stigma and what to do, if it happens to you, how to overcome it.

Have you ever experienced negative comments, stares, etc because of your body shape or size? How have you overcome it? Do you stand up for yourself? If not it’s time to start. If it happens to you, let the offender know how it hurts. Sometimes it’s those closest to us that hurt us the most. I had family that was that way. I say was because they are no longer with us. Ironically, they had no place to be judging anyone. Honestly, it still hurts to this day.

Maybe more importantly have you done it to yourself? I have. Even this weekend AFTER attending that meeting.

I took a few photos this weekend to share with you on another post. Not only are the photos just not good, in general, I could and did pick out every single body flaw; “I looked heavy, all my lumps and bumps were showing”. You name it, I said it and thought it. Do I feel this way because I have gained a few pounds? Whether it’s muscle or not, it is still playing with my head.

I will go through and edit the photos and share with you, the posts that they were intended for, but they aren’t great.

But, why do we do that to ourselves? Would we do it to our friends? Not if we want to have friends! So why can’t we be a friend to ourselves?

Another part of the meeting was to commit to something for the next four weeks. We didn’t have to share with the group but I’m sharing mine here. Maybe that will keep me accountable. And I am asking y’all to help hold my feet to the fire, lol!

I am committing to getting back to tracking, daily and accurately. I have been very lax with that. I have been tracking loosely here and there but that’s about it. Maybe that is why my weight is creeping up? I will half buy Jeff’s assessment that some of it is muscle, but I don’t believe for a minute all of it is. I have talked to a couple of other women powerlifters who have not gained weight when they started lifting. So why should I? Maybe I have just let the thought that I was going to gain get into my head and allowed myself to go too far? So if I eat right and track; the good, the bad, and the ugly we will see. I must get myself back in the right frame of mind, though. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please share with me and the other readers.

I received this journal in the mail earlier this week. It was a gift from my friend LeighAnn from Rodan+Fields. It couldn’t have been more perfect! I needed this message. I will Make It Happen!

This week I have been tracking. Maybe not eating enough, which I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t tracking. And it’s Wednesday the day, that for some reason, I just want to eat anything not nailed down. Today has been no exception, but I’m trying to not go too far overboard. I have yet to figure out what it is with Wednesday. If it were only a monthly thing (ladies you know what I mean) I would understand. But it’s every single Wednesday…Today is no exception. I think today might be stress, though.

Usually I can count on a workout to help “burn off the crazy”. Tonight is usually my session with Jeff, but he messaged me Monday that he had an appointment tonight and asked if we could do Monday or Friday. I wasn’t going for Friday and Saturday, so off I went Monday night. We had a good workout and did something new- Rack Pulls – sort of like a deadlift but you start lifting at your knees instead of pulling off the floor. This is to work more of your back muscles. I managed to pull 205!!! Jeff thinks I’m ready to deadlift that. I’m not so sure, yet! I imagine we will be finding out soon. In the meantime, maybe I better pull out the kettlebells tonight, lol!

“The Man” called me really early this morning. It’s usually never a good thing when he calls me, before I call him. In fact it always scares the bejesus out of me, especially during the night or really early. It means something is wrong. He wanted to know if his truck acted funny when I drove it to the gym last night. No. Wouldn’t I have said something before he left for work? Well, apparently is was missing and skipping and shut off on his way to work….YAY, GREAT….Well, he made it back towards home after work and dropped it off to our mechanic. Now I’m just waiting for that phone call, lol! You know how mechanics are. I am seriously anticipating hearing $700+ anything less and I’ll dance a jig, hahaha!

Do you sometimes wonder where the money for those unexpected expenses is going to come from? Would you like to be able to know you don’t have to worry about them or run up the credit cards? I don’t know about you, but I hate using a credit card. I prefer to be able just to pay for what I want or need and be done with it. If you’d like to be able to give yourself a little financial cushion, why not join me tonight on the Rodan+Fields zoom call? We have an opportunity call every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. All you need to do is download the zoom app and dial in on 736 578 7052. There is no pressure, just great information on how and why to join the number 1 skin care company in the US. Did you know Rodan+Fields is not a new company? They were actually the number 1 line in Nordstrom for six years, before coming out and going into the DS business. Message or email me at grandma2glamma@gmail.com if you can make it or want more details.

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  1. Wow! Such a beautiful post! You are a terrific writer, and I so love reading your posts! Very real, authentic and caring. I am going to take a page from your book and recheck my goals and get things back on track. I am so glad your hubby was fine, and what a bummer about the car! I am right along with you in resolve.

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