Neutrals With A Pop of Color

TGIF! We have made it to the weekend! We have nothing planned around here, at the moment, but that is always subject to change. It is “The Mans” Saturday to work so that will likely limit what we decide to do. I imagine we will stay fairly close to home after traveling last weekend. Maybe I can plan that “me” weekend I told you about last week! Or maybe I already have. My yoga teacher training starts in three weeks. YIKES! For one weekend a month for the next nine months I will be doing nothing but something for me. Apparently I should expect it to be quite intense and reentry into regular life may be challenging. It’s so exciting and scary! Do y’all have anything exciting planned? Please share.

I have already told you a bit about our trip to the outlets last weekend. Our school shopping was a success. We were not quite sure how the day would pan out as the weather was subject (according to the powers that be) to be pretty iffy. Thunderstorms were called for at home and there. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day after a few early morning showers; until we were about halfway home. Then the bottom fell out for quite a ways!

I had planned on getting some pictures for the blog and managed a few, but like I told you earlier I was not happy with them. We didn’t take the camera because we didn’t want to be “bothered” with it. I have the iPhone7 and the camera is supposed to be the best thing ever. Maybe more practice is needed.

We did find a great old covered bridge to use for the pictures. It is still used by Amish for taking buggy tours over.

Even though rain/storms were called for the temperature was still supposed to be in the 80s, I wanted to be cool and comfortable, but still look stylish and put together.

I decided on a tank top and maxi skirt.

This tank is the SIMPLE SCOOP NECK TANK in gray from Covered Perfectly. It wears beautifully, the straps are wide enough that you don’t have to worry about your other straps showing, and like other Covered Perfectly tops it just skims and flows over your body. The MicroModal fabric is the best. We took these photos on the way home and after traveling and shopping all day. It wasn’t wrinkled and stayed cool, even in the heat and humidity. I am wearing a small. Did you know Covered Perfectly is made right here in the USA? I paired it with a maxi skirt from Legging Army, this pattern is called Picture Perfect. I haven’t mentioned the Legging Army maxis before, because as fast as they were launched they were selling out. I couldn’t write fast enough, lol! This is the first one I’ve gotten. There are a variety of patterns. I will be getting more. Several of the maxi styles are on sale (this one included) along with shorts, and athletic wear; while they last.

Remember as a Grandma to Glamma blog reader you get 20% OFF on up to two items when you shop at Covered Perfectly! Use the discount code GG20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items. Or you may take advantage of the “Buy 2 get your 3rd FREE” special. This special applies to any combination of items storewide, just add 3 items to your cart and the discount will be applied
automatically. Only one of the discounts will work. Start shopping!

I wore the August Plunder Posse for a pop of color against the neutral pallet of the gray. Even though there are several colors in the skirt they are all neutrals. The burgundy of the necklace is a perfect color with gray. At least in my opinion. It doesn’t hurt that it’s my “signature” color. The discs in the necklace and earrings work back to the circle patterns in the skirt. It’s was almost as if they were made for each other! The bracelets are the magnetic bling bracelets that I’ve showed you before. I wore Tina, which is a pinky/purple color. It was one of the Mother’s Day specials and is no longer available. The black one is called Ezra and the other one is Flynn which has iridescent stones.

If you aren’t familiar with the Plunder Posse it is a jewelry subscription, much like Ipsy, Birch Box, Graze, etc; where for $25 per month including tax and shipping you receive 1-3 pieces of Plunder Jewelry that is not in the catalog. Now is a great time to sign up because it’s the middle of the month. That allows you to see in advance what that months selection is and if you don’t like it you can cancel and sign back up the next month or even get it and give as a gift. Think Secret Sisters, Secret Santa’s, and Teachers gifts! You could have the perfect unique gift for someone, that doesn’t break the bank.

My daughter, Amanda, was doing the picture taking, and decided I should climb up on a ledge….now y’all know I’m short, right? So it was quite a feat for me to get up there. It may not look too high from the inside, but when you aren’t very tall…..and in a skirt… was comical!

Have I told you I have a fear of heights too?

Can you believe she wanted me to stand on the narrow part of the ledge, in front of the red part of the bridge?

I did not. It wasn’t much bigger than my feet, and I have small feet. That was a long way down. I may be half crazy, but not totally, lol.

Some details inside the bridge

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If you have been looking for a business opportunity this is an exciting time! You can get in right from the start. There is still time to pre enroll, but only until the end of August. I would love to have you join me in this business. If you are wondering if this opportunity may be for you; email me at for more information. We can also set up a free zoom call to help you get your questions answered.

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Have a great weekend!

Until the next time


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  1. Oh my goodness you weren’t kidding! Your daughter did get you on the ledge! Honestly, I think this is a really fun post! I love the bridge for your pictures and you look amazing in that outfit! I also can’t wait to hear about your getaways for the weekends for just yourself!

  2. Your oufit goes so well with the setting. I’m fascinated by covered bridges as we don’t have them in the UK. I’m keen for r&f to come to the UK. I’ll be on to it when it does. Also Plunder. We don’t have covered perfectly anymore than we have covered bridges sadly.

    1. Thank you! I see R+F making it to the UK before the others. I know they are working on launching in different countries. I wonder if Covered Perfectly will ship to the UK? Pauline is from there….

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