A Day At The Italian Festival

Things are starting to change, I will get it figured out

Have you ever had a day where everything and everyone irritates the living daylights out of you? Well, let me tell you, I was there on Saturday! I went to the #saturday7amsocialclub aka WW meeting and on to the gym. That was the better part of the day.

When I got home “The Man” was napping, as usual. I proceeded to get a shower and dressed. He got up and said “I guess we can ready and go to Sams”. What? Well that just set me off! I have been cooped up I the house for how long? With the littles “off the chart” do you really think I want to traipse off to the big box store on Saturday morning? I was not going to that store if we starved!!! And since our basement is akin to what I imagine someones who is  preparing for the apocalypse might look like, I don’t think starvation is happening anytime soon.

I have been trying for weeks to go try the butterfly garden and sunflower fields and have yet to get there. I told him I NEEDED to be outside!!!! I wanted fresh air and sunshine! I have still not made it to either of these places….apparently the compromise was to go to Little Italy and the St. Gabrielle’s Festival which occurs every year. Sometimes we go, sometimes we don’t.

It’s basically a street festival where you can eat your way through a couple blocks of vendors. It’s sponsored by one of the local Catholic Churches in the neighborhood.

You can’t see them very good, but there a group of Nonna’s (Nonna is Italian for grandma) sitting back there making Pizzelles. I left the Pizzelles there. You get 10 for $5.00, my thought was I could come home and make many more than 10 for less than $5.00. I did not though. You will see why as you continue reading!

Then you have a group Nonno’s (Non-no is Italian for grandpa) playing Bocce Ball. I say they were the Nonno’s as the majority are the old timers. This a permanent Bocce Ball court and you can almost always find someone there playing a game.

This year the vendors just didn’t do it for me. There was just too much commercial stuff you can get anywhere. Does that make sense?

I did find a bite to eat, go figure, lol! After walking through I decided to have an Arancini.

If you don’t know, Arancini is a rice ball. A fried ball of deliciousness. I had a choice of sausage and peppers or crab and shrimp. I chose the crab and shrimp!

In my mind the seafood was healthier, hahaha! I just had to get a cup of wine to wash it down….there’s nothing like some wine in a plastic Dixie cup, lol!

The man caught me checking out the Alfa Romero’s on display!

A girl can dream, right? Unfortunately or maybe fortunately they don’t make a “bus”….but, if I go take a test drive I can get a $25 gift card and $250 off, lol!!! I think I’ll pass. I’m quite sure I would love the way it drives and want to take home. Not only do I hate having a car payment, and I have one with the bus, it is not practical for me right now with all the grand littles. And the man does not need that for a work vehicle, although I’m sure he would think otherwise.

I was looking to see where he had wandered off to. The dress is from WHBM. It is mainly navy with some light blue, tan, yellow, and white. I like it with my tan Vince Camuto sandals and yellow, cream and tan cross body bag (both from HSN). You can’t see my jewelry very good, but I have on a pair of dangle earrings that I got in Italy (in Epcot at Disney last year, lol). That’s likely the closest I will ever get….the blue bracelet on my left arm is Plunder and called Ritta. It is a narrow denim bangle type with gold and silver along with a row of rhinestones and is one of the new magnetic closures. They are so easy to put in and take off! My other bracelets are a combination of Plunder and one of my Pandora bracelets. I don’t think this dress needs a necklace.

On the way out of the festival we had to stop by a local Italian bakery; Vaccaro’s. I just “had” to get some cannoli chips and dip.

Can you say yum? I only get what they call an individual serving (it’s more than I need) but they give you enough cream for what I don’t know….fyi, I got a homemade mango gelato too….

Later in the day “The Man” thought we should go to the mall….we were only at the festival maybe 30-45 minutes. It doesn’t take long to walk through, unless you eat and drink your way through. Now what part of being outside did he forget? We went and I bought NOTHING! Can you believe that? I even spent almost and hour in WHBM trying on things, and although I liked them, they were in sale, and I had coupons but I found no joy in being there.

It finally dawned on me after I completely snapped at him, my hormones are getting out of whack; way out of whack (ladies I imagine some of you know what I mean)….. This may be why the littles are so on my last nerve too, besides this eclipse business which I’m still convinced has had an effect on moods. Times are starting to change….this is going to be a challenge.

As I pondered what was going on the rest of the weekend, I started putting two and two together. I started noticing more than a month ago I would got to bed freezing then I was waking during night with what I’m now believe were hot flashes. At the time I kind of chalked it up to it being summer and the nights being so hot and humid and such. I can also cry, just for the sake of crying; happy I can cry, sad I can cry, angry I can cry (after I let loose with both barrels). Then I started doing some more math and realized it’s also been about three months since that monthly annoyance has visited. Now I knew it had been a little while, but wasn’t thinking it was that long. I’m sure you know I don’t really mind that. It’s the rest that comes along when she leaves that is going to cause problems, if I’m not careful. Let’s hope I can through this with out completely going around the bend. And I have thought a couple of times I was careening around it pretty darn fast!

Ironically I thought this was done and over with several years ago. I started taking a bio-identical progesterone during my 40s due to some imbalances, and going through some of the same things. After a period of time my cycle stopped. My GYN and I thought after more than a year, it was done and For six years or so, nothing! Then I started losing weight and after losing 35 pounds, guess what returned? Just as if it had never left….😡 I also stopped the progesterone as I felt great and my doctor and I decided if I didn’t need it there was no sense in continuing to take it and I could restart it at anytime I needed to. So for the past almost three years things have been great. Guess who I called today? Yes, it’s time to revisit some alternatives. If not I think I am going to go mad. Yoga and other exercise hasn’t helped. It does while I’m there, but so far long-term it’s not doing it. I’m now wondering if this is a factor in some of the weight I’ve gained back. There are so many changes going with my body; the increasing activity and now the likely hormonal changes. If it is indeed a factor I will most definitely need to be more diligent with my diet and work this out. It may well explain the increasing cravings for things I generally could care less about. I will get this figured out! Hopefully sooner rather than later.

So friends have you been there, done that yet? How have you fared? How/what did you do to get through it? Any thoughts/words of wisdom will be appreciated. I’m sure there are others who may want to know too! As women we are all in this together!

After all that my daughter came home and wanted to know if I wanted to go Sunday afternoon and get some pictures for the blog. Just wait until see what we got into….I still can’t believe it!

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