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It’s a new week! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Honestly, mine was on track to be “eh”. Lol. It turned out to be not great, but not the worst. “The Man” was fixated again on going to Sams Club on Saturday….I wish someone could explain such a “need” on a beautiful day, when there is nothing you “need” to purchase. It didn’t happen though.

We did make it to the state fair with Noah and Miss Quinn. They had a good time and we made some memories. I love-making memories, don’t you?

The #saturday7amsocialclub meeting AKA weight watchers was about being happy. We were given a challenge to write down three things everyday for the week, that made us happy that day. I took it a couple of steps further and decided to share it here with you and post it to Facebook and the WW connect site. That is a forum (?) for WW members to post on and encourage each other, much like Facebook. Did you know that some days finding something that made you happy can be hard? Especially if you are around unhappy people. They can certainly drain the life and joy out of you

My three things for Saturday were:

  1. Attending my Saturday morning meeting with my WW family then heading off to my workout with Jeff Afterwards. I get to recharge and reset for the week ahead.

2. Spending the afternoon with Noah and Miss Quinn at the state fair.

3. Peach ice cream-at the fair-it was yummy and totally worth it!

Since this is my post for Monday I am listing two days worth of happy moments and sharing Sunday’s too.

The three things that made me happy Sunday were:

  1. When I got up I could feel that fall in the air. Yes it is coming. I love fall
  2. I got to lay down and rest for a bit today, I didn’t “sleep” but I rested (Miss Quinn wandered into my bed around 10:30 last night and didn’t go back to sleep until after 4:30 this morning 😳) apparently it “was party in Oma’s room”… I had that “dragon” disease.
  3. It’s just a few minutes after 8pm and as soon as I’m finished here, I’m going to sleep!

Now I am going to pass this challenge along to you; dear readers. List or post three things everyday for the next week that made happy that day.

We could all use some happy in our lives. Sometimes it is just way too easy to focus on the bad, negative and unhappy moments.  Share your happy moments in the comments or on the Facebook page if you would like.

I hope you don’t have to look too far to find your happy moments.

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Let’s make this week great and be Happy!

Until the next time


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