Fun At The Fair

I awoke this morning to the patter of rain in the window. It was a comforting sound. You know that peaceful patter of rain falling gently. I was thankful that it wasn’t a storm. It has rained like that all day. I thought about the people in Texas who have lost so much, and here I am enjoying the sound of gentle rain drops. Such a difference. There are many relief organizations that you can give to, to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If so choose, please help in whatever way you can. If you can do nothing more than say a prayer, please do.

Do you attend your state or county fair? As long as I can remember I have always loved going at least once a year to the fair.

This past weekend we took two of the grand littles Noah and Miss Quinn to the fair. It was only in its third day and was their second visit, lol. Their parents took them on opening night when they could ride all they wanted for one price. That certainly didn’t stop them from wanting to go back or having a good time.

Fortunately they can only ride the “kiddie” rides. I am not a fan of some of those rides, so I am quite happy not to need to worry about getting on them. I must admit some of the horror stories you may have heard in the news lately play into that.

Noah and Miss Quinn on the “speedway”.

Riding the teacups. That’s my speed, lol!

Can I just say these were the fastest spinning teacups ever? And they were in the “little kids” rides!

Now we are going to ride the helicopter.

Have I told you I have a fear of heights? How did I get myself into this one?

What was I thinking


Just standing around waiting.

I wore my “choose happy” t-shirt. I bought this for Plunder and last years Plunder anthem, but it was also fitting since “Get Happy” was the WW theme and challenge for this week. Ironically every time I wear it “The Man” is a bear….I think he needs the shirt, lol! I wore my latest embroidered “crop” jeans from White House Black Market. These might just be my new favorite jeans. They are a bit long for crops on me (what’s new) but because of the embroidery they cannot be shortened. That’s ok. At least for me. The military cargo style jacket is also from WHBM and the shoes are leather converse, and let’s not forget my favorite summer “go to” cross body Dooney and Bourke.

The keeper of the tickets

Amanda (my daughter) hamming it up….guess she was trying to show me how a “selfie”is done, lol!

The little bird necklace I am wearing says “I Choose Happy”. It was the Plunder anthem piece from 2016. So simple and so meaningful. The bracelet is a retired Plunder piece too and says “simplify” on that little heart you see. My earrings are old and are Black Hills Silver and Gold. I got them on my first trip to the Black Hills.

Noah and Miss Quinn wanted to play in these giant “rock’em-sock’em” type balls. They allowed them to go by themselves so they could do it without being over run by the big kids. That was a good thing because they could barely lift them up. They had a blast though.

Noah in the ball
Miss Quinn in the ball

A good time was had by all.

And we finished up with that yummy ice cream I told you about yesterday.

How are doing with finding your three happy things from your day? I hope  you take a moment to share with us.

My three happy things for Monday:

1. Miss Quinn and Lessa did not fight all day.

2. I hit my Fitbit step goal today, for the first time in forever on a week day.

3. I had a pan of dressing/stuffing in the freezer from the last time I made a large batch. I took it out and made it for dinner tonight!

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Until the next time


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