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Last Wednesday I told you I was seeing my doctor on Thursday. Well, I did. She assured me I wasn’t crazy, lol, that men are clueless, and well you can just imagine how the rest of that conversation went….

She did agree that my monthly visitor may very well be in the process of leaving again (oh shucks), for good this time, and that my idea of going back on the bio-identical progesterone would be a good idea.

We talked about my increased physical activity and the anxiety type feelings I have been having. She pointed out that with the increase in frequency and the intensity of my workouts that my blood sugar may be dropping and suggested I eat more frequently. Yay!!! And that my desire for salty foods (I don’t like salt) is a response to stress. She suggested I eat every three hours and make sure I am eating protein for snacks. Ironically when I am following my WW plan and tracking in my usual manner that is what I am doing. And since I had been back on plan all week, I had actually started feeling better before seeing her.

I made it through all last week without going off the deep end food wise, and even through this past weekend. I did have that peach ice cream at the state fair on Saturday, but with WW you can eat anything you want, you just count it/track it and move on. That is what I did and so far since then I have been right back on target. Even today with it being Wednesday I haven’t had the need to “eat all the things” like I usually do, but it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing either.  I am attributing that to being back on my regular eating/fueling schedule. When I eat to fuel my body rather than just eating to eat I feel much better. I am human though and sometimes eat to eat. That doesn’t have to be a problem if it only happens occasionally. I was on a “binder”, if you will, and just kept it up. Hopefully I have broken the cycle and things will be getting back to normal. This coming Saturday will be the first Saturday of September and I must weigh in at the meeting to establish my lifetime status for the month. I will be ok for that, and if I keep on the path I’m on I will be down a bit from August.

Jeff has been varying my workouts and I have not been lifting heavy, the past couple of weeks. We have moved back to some old workouts and doing more reps with lighter weights, to get ready for the next big “jump” in heavy weights. I don’t know when that will happen. I am still trying to get my act together for the upcoming back to back half marathon/marathon. With the weather changing running is becoming much more pleasant, but after Miss Quinn’s Saturday all night party in my room I did not run Sunday. I know I am good for the half in Saturday but that full worries me. I think, I need to get out of my own head.

Now to continue my Get/Be Happy week. My three happy things for Tuesday were:

1. I awoke to the patter of rain on the window.

2. I tried a new to me fruit; Dragon Fruit. It was not bad (which is good because it’s a tad expensive). I will try it again.

3. I made it to yoga practice.

How are you doing with listing your happy things? Does listing things that made you happy help you to realize it’s not all bad?

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