Denim, Chiffon, and Embroidery

Woo Hoo! It’s Friday! That means it’s time for Fashion Friday and another week has coming to a close. I have been given a rare gift for today. A “me” day! Whatever am I going to do with myself? And it’s a holiday weekend.! Did I hit the jackpot or what? So far, I have planned a phone call with my Plunder sister Patti (Patti is a new blogger, you can find her at, check out her blog and subscribe) to pick her brain. Patti, is in Texas, that’s what’s one of the great things about my business(es) I have made friends with some wonderful ladies all over the US! I am also expecting a fun, exciting Plunder delivery today. I hope to be able to get some blog photos shot this weekend so that I can share them with you. I am planning some serious fun and ribbing….uh oh, watch out! Maybe I will take the camera out somewhere and see if I can master taking my own photos, or at least making them look somewhat decent.

Do you have any plans for your long weekend? Ours might be weather dependent. Right now it looks like starting tonight into tomorrow it will be all rain, with fall like temperatures. I just keep singing “Rain is a good thing”. What else can you do? It is definitely fall-like weather today. Once I can acclimate I will really be happy. I will try not to make the mistake I made in the spring and switch my clothes out too soon.

Facebook reminded me, this morning, that it was six years ago today that I left my job of eight years to begin taking care of my little Noah. Maybe, it’s fitting that today is my “me” day!

Today I am showing a couple of different looks with the same blouse and including the jeans I showed you earlier in the week.

Here I have styled with a denim skirt. Believe it or not, this is the first denim skirt I have ever owned. That’s about as crazy as only getting my first denim jacket this year! I told you about that here.

We shot these photos when we were shooting for my Covered Perfectly review the other week. If you missed that post, you can find it here. My daughter was the photographer (have to give her a plug)!


Look Ma no hands!

Remember my daughter and her ideas of me getting on ledges? Yeah, she didn’t give that idea up. Ok, this wasn’t really very high, in fact calling it a ledge is a stretch, but I had to give her a raft of stuff about it.

The top is from White House Black Market. It is a chiffon fabric and most of the flowers are embroidered. The skirt is from Levi. You have seen the sandals a few times this year. They are by Italian Shoemakers and came from DSW a couple of years ago.

You may have noticed these photos aren’t the best. This is a lesson, of sorts, on lighting. It was definitely not good in this spot for photos at that time of day. Sometimes you don’t know that until you go to view them. I tried to work with them some, but wasn’t able to help them much. My photography/editing skills are a “work in progress”.

Here is the same blouse with the jeans I wore to the fair also from White House Black Market, and the same shoes. Like I said these may very well be my new favorite jeans.


The light is much better for these photos, but it is still not the “best”. These were also taken with my phone vs the camera.

My three happy things for Thursday were:

1. Snuggles with Miss Quinn in the morning

2. A great yoga practice

3. Tomorrow is Friday

Let me know how you are coming with listing your happy things each day.

I haven’t talked to much about Legging Army over the summer, because most of us don’t want to think about leggings in the summer. But today through Monday we are having a summer blow-out special.

EVERYTHING on the side is 10% off. We are getting ready to load up the fall/winter line. Head over and check it out, but don’t wait too long, these things go fast, especially the more “graphic” prints.

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Have a great weekend and a safe holiday

Until the next time


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