Transitioning To Fall

The day after Labor Day! The first day of school for many. The ending of summer, the beginning of fall. The change of seasons. My little Noah was up early to get ready for his first day of first grade, Miss Quinn will go to her preschool class tomorrow. She will only go one day this week, then start her regular schedule next week. This will drastically change my routine, or should I say I will be getting back into a routine?

The picture on the left was in my Facebook memories this morning. On this day five years ago Noah climbed up in my rocker all by himself. On the right is his picture from this morning, heading off to school. My “beautiful boy”, growing up so fast.

Many people have said the past couple of weeks that they look at September/fall as a time of renewal. Do you? I think I feel that way in spring and fall. In spring we are awakening from the winter and in fall we are winding down from the busy summer and preparing for winter.

As fall approaches we transition from summer wear to our fall clothes. The colors become richer, the sweaters, leggings, and boots come out of the closet. I love dressing for fall. I personally find fall, winter, and even spring easier to dress for than summer. Maybe that’s because I like the cozy sweaters and boots. I like layering at times and summer is not a good season, for me, to do that. What about you? What is your favorite season to dress for?

This past Friday on my “me day” I grabbed the camera and tripod and took myself to a local park to practice taking my own pictures. I went to a park in a “good” area because I wanted to feel safe, since I was by myself. I didn’t count on it being really busy, lol. I figured out how to work the timer feature and how to set it to take multiple shots at once and how to focus. I didn’t get great shots. The park was so busy I was actually self-conscious taking photos of myself!

It was such a crisp cool day I was able to wear early “fall” clothes. Today I was back to summer wear! I suspect this will be the trend for the next month or two, but I am suspecting we may have an early fall and winter.

Because I didn’t want people to think I was a weirdo, photographing them or their children the lighting and such was not great and I was looking into the sun more than I had wanted to. How do you bloggers who take your own photos do it? Do you only take them at home or do you go out and about? If you are out in public do you feel self conscious?

In this picture you can see the “tail” of my necklace had fallen forward. I used it because I was smiling and not squinting with my eyes closed!

I was excited to be able to wear my Covered Perfectly Fit and Flare tunic, which I featured here with a pair of Legging Army leggings and my Vince Camuto over the knee boots.

The boots can be turned down to wear as a below the knee boot too. I bought these along with a burgundy pair, in suede, last year. Can you guess which pair are my favorite? I order most of my Vince Camuto boots and shoes from the Home Shopping Network-HSN. I was a bit hesitant to order them because they are not wide calf and basically slip on with a small side zipper. My wide calf boots are actually a bit large now, but regular calf boots are hit or miss. I was so excited when they came and I could wear them, that I wanted to buy them all. These boots have about a two-inch heel, so they are pretty flat and easy to walk in. That’s actually why I chose them for this day. I didn’t want to wear “heels” knowing I was planning to be in a park.

The necklace is from Plunder and is called Lynn. It was a “bring back my bling” special earlier this year. Plunder has started to bring back a retired piece, that was really popular in limited quantities, usually once a month maybe twice. If you see something you like, you need to act fast because they don’t usually last very long.

Today we just had some beautiful special pieces posted for breast cancer awareness. These pieces will not last long, so if you or someone you know has been touched by breast cancer maybe this is a perfect gift. Plunder is donating 20% of the proceeds from the sale of these items to the “Power of Pink” walk.

If you have any questions about any of these pieces or Plunder in general, message me or email me at If you want to place an order you can go to my website: click on shop and then select any party with my name in it, right now I still have a party open from august and it will be “janeteaugust”. You will find these piece listed under “specials”.

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Are you ready to make the transition into fall?

Until the next time


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