Yoga Teacher Training-Week 1

Wow! What a weekend I had! Yoga Teacher Training has commenced and weekend one is complete! What an AMAZING experience (Remind me I said that in a few months)!!!

Talk about busy! How many ways can you say intense? And I’m sure it’s going to become more so. But it was all good. It is a very long weekend schedule; Friday evening 6-9:30 and Saturday and Sunday 8:30-6:30. Fortunately it is only one weekend per month. I missed the meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub along with my session with Jeff.

The entire weekend was such a different experience than I’m used to. Since I have only practiced yoga in a gym setting I have never experienced the calm, quiet, peaceful, zen of a studio. At the gym you hear everything going on outside the studio; the weights hitting the ground, the music from the spin class next to the studio if they go over, the basketballs bouncing if the front desk doesn’t stop them from going in. No matter how hard you try to tune it out, sometimes it just doesn’t work. What a difference! The flood of emotions in just one weekend, all I can say is: WOW!

Wednesday, last week, I received the syllabus for the weekend. When I first looked at it I was completely freaking out. My brain was not in comprehension mode at all. I looked at again on Thursday and it wasn’t as bad, but as we were heading out Friday night I was still thinking “what was I thinking”, “what have I done”.  Coming home Friday night all I wanted to do was crawl into bed to be rested for Saturday, I couldn’t/didn’t even want to try to think beyond that. Coming home Saturday night I was in such a chilled, peaceful state. Then Sunday night my head was just overrun with the weekends lessons and I was energized. I think this is going to be good!

I have missed writing the blog and communicating with everyone, either here or on social media, but it was good to go inside and leave it behind too! . You may have noticed I didn’t write much last week. That was in part getting ready for the class and having to deal with some personal things that occurred early last week.  I must say it was hard not to just grab my phone and write/type put a thought as it popped into my head. But then again there weren’t many thoughts popping into my head.

I have much “homework” to do over the next month until we go back to class. Boy is that scary! I will need to sit down later today and try to digest it all. Integration back into real life yesterday was interesting. How was your weekend? I hope you were able to get in some “me-time”.

If you are a yoga practitioner and have ever thought of teaching or thought of studying to deepen your practice, I would say go for it.

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Author: Janet Earling-Bencivenni

I am a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger, SAHGMa, Marathoner, and PowerLifter; sharing my journey of weight loss, fitness, fashion, and finding myself after 50. My hope is to help, encourage, and inspire others along their journey. I am here to tell you being 50 is indeed FIERCE!!!

4 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training-Week 1”

  1. Ah, that sounds amazing. I might need some yoga in my life. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying it out. After reading this, I might just do so.

    Glad it’s going well, and I’m sure you’re going to be great! 🙂

    1. Amy, I’m a firm believer that everyone could benefit from some yoga. I you do try it and don’t like it the first time, give it at least three tries. Also, finding a style that works for you is key. If you have any questions, let me know!

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