Are You Ready For Some Football 🏈

TGIF! Who’s ready for the weekend? Do you have plans? I’m not quite sure what everyone around here is doing. “The Man” will work this weekend and I will catch up with the #Saturday7amsocialclub and then head to the gym, and my torture (oops) training session with Jeff. As of right now the weather looks like it will be beautiful, hopefully I can keep “The Man” away from Sam’s, lol! The nice weather weekends are sure to be ending soon.

What a couple of weeks this has been! A short week last week, because of the holiday. A really long week because of other events that occurred. School for the grand littles started back uneventfully and they seem happy (for the moment) to be back in a routine. This was the first week of fully being into the new “regular” routine and the fun has started, lol!

If that wasn’t enough, I got up last Tuesday, the day after the holiday, and started getting ready to pay some bills. I logged into our checking account to find the balance was not correct….yes, our account had been hacked! It was done on “The Mans” card. No surprise there. He thinks that card is the best thing ever…..What a mess to deal with…..we spent hours dealing with it with the bank on Tuesday, then waiting for the charge to be reversed. Fortunately I was still able to take care of what needed to be paid, they didn’t wipe out the balance, but it wasn’t just a couple of dollars either! Let me tell you, it’s was a very emotional thing. The feeling of being violated. Is it going to happen again? Just wanting to go to the bank and withdraw whatever is there. If you’ve missed hearing from me much of last week, that’s why; along with getting ready for Yoga Teacher Training-YTT. I was not able to focus on writing much. I tried but nothing made much sense. This week hasn’t been much better in that department. You may have noticed I haven’t posted on my regular schedule. I have taken the time to digest and reflect from the studies of the YTT weekend. There is a lot, but I am getting my head around it and working out a plan for my homework.

Over the past couple of weekends Collegiate and Professional football has started. The world is going to be going crazy for the next few months, lol!  I’m really not a football fan, lol, but I decided to have a little fun with the start of football season.

My Florida State Seminoles played their first game the Saturday before the holiday (it was not pretty)….Most Floridians are either camp Seminoles

or camp Gators. There is FSU (Florida State) or UF (University of Florida). Occasionally you will find someone who is a Miami fan, but not often.

(BTW, I did not make a gators necklace). I borrowed the picture from one of my Plunder sisters Robyn, who happens to be a gator fan. I still like her, lol!

We have both in our family. It’s a fun rivalry! I am a gator fan (of sorts) one game a year, when they play the Georgia bulldogs, hahaha! After that it’s back to business as usual, lol! If that’s not enough living here in Baltimore I’m slap in the middle of ravens fans. Well I am a rebel and will wear my Jacksonville Jaguars shirt!

I must support the “hometown” team, even if they haven’t played great in a loooooong time, and even though I really could care less about football. BTW, they won their first game….hope they can keep that up! Are you a football fan?

A couple of weeks ago, Plunder came out with a line called Plunder Prep. You can put together a necklace to support your favorite team and sport! So I had to make up my FSU and Jaguars Plunder Prep Necklaces!! I was even nice and adapted some a bit for the ravens fans and came up with this on the fly!

Here are the current options that are available to make your own Plunder Prep necklace. You can support you local high school, college, rec council or professional team. As you can see, there are charms for several sports. More tassel colors and charms are in the works.

If you would like to support your team, get a gift for the sports fan in your life that has “everything”, or get that new college a unique gift to support their new school,  log onto my website, go to shop, select a party with my name in it, scroll to the Plunder Prep tab and design your own. For the remainder of September I am offering a free piece of Plunder Jewelry, from me, for ANY order over $75.00 (excluding tax and shipping). Message me or email me at if you need help or have any questions.

Now I couldn’t leave baseball out so I made one for my Orioles too. I much prefer baseball to football! What about you?

Are you a baseball or football fan or both? What are your favorite teams? Do you go to the games or just watch from the comfort of home? If I’m going to watch football, I would rather be home. When we first moved to Maryland we went to a Jaguars/Ravens game….It was COLD!!!! I do not like  football and certainly don’t want to freeze my tush off to watch it! Baseball I don’t mind going to watch. The weather is usually much more accommodating.

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Have a great weekend!

Go Jags, Go Noles!

Until the next time


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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football 🏈”

  1. I’ve had a few occasions when my card has been hacked. The bank somehow catches it before it hits my account.

    What am I up to? My daughter is taking an exam so we are all being told to keep offline whilst she is. Maybe Mr Him and I will go out for a coffee.

    1. Oh no, but, lucky for you they catch it. We have had them not allow a charge until we’ve called before if they deem it “suspicious”. Then when the real fraud occurs it just goes on through….go figure!
      Best of luck to your daughter, and I hope you and Mr Him have a lovely time if you do go out.

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