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In May I had the chance to go watch a powerlifting meet! I met my trainer, Jeff, there. He was wanting to check it out since he would be competing in his first meet in June. It was held a little over a mile from my house, but I almost didn’t make it. It was on a Saturday and “The Man” knowing I had planned to go there, just had to go to Sams….have you noticed a theme here? I swear he thinks that store isn’t open any day other than Saturday. The women were up first, which is why I wanted to go early. I did manage to get there before the women finished. I am so glad I did! I got to see two ladies in the masters division, both in a different age and weight class than I am. Both lifting significantly more weight than I do, right now, and it’s possible they always will. There is a significant weight difference between us. But it was good to see. It was good to watch and see how the meets are run, and was great to see other women around my age and older powerlifting. I know that I am not alone with my craziness…there aren’t many of us, but we are there and maybe we can encourage other women to test the waters.

They were both named Linda. There was Linda Jo and Linda.

This is Linda. Linda is 60+ years young. Her final deadlift for the meet was 280+ pounds! She hit and won the gold for her age/weight class!! She is now in training for her next meet, it will take place in October in Orlando, FL.

I was able to speak with Linda for a few minutes before I left. She is amazing. She is a grandmother of five. She runs a non-profit, and she is a pastor. Linda has only been lifting for about two years. Like me she kind of fell into powerlifting while working with a personal trainer. He noticed she was good at picking up heavy stuff and convinced her to train as a powerlifter. She has taken the gold in her division in all her meets, so far. Linda has a Facebook page where she shares her journey. Go check out her page and give it some love. She has recently started training with a new trainer. He is 70+ and still competing and has set several of his own records.

This is Linda Jo. I was not able to speak with her. I do know that she and Linda were in the same weight class and their final deadlift was the same weight, but I don’t know about age. 

Linda Jo was definitely intense and intimidating. She certainly came with her “game face” on. To tell the truth she was a bit scary! Lol.

Linda and Linda Jo have different lifting stances. Linda uses a conventional stance where Linda Jo uses a sumo stance.

Either one is fine and allowed, it’s just what you’ve trained for and your preference. With the sumo stance apparently you don’t have to lift the bar up as far. I use the conventional stance. After watching this meet I tried lifting with the sumo stance and it was a bit weird, for me. Apparently, I am a conventional stance girl!

These two ladies are phenomenal. The women’s powerlifting masters division is going to be a force to be reckoned with one day. Have I convinced you to start lifting yet?

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